Samantha Parkinson and Vertu Motors PLC

Well, I had a real shock yesterday.

I sent a detailed email to the Chief Executive Officer (Robert Forrester) and the head of human resources (Matthew Barr) of a company called Vertu Motors PLC, about what I wanted them to know about Samantha Parkinson, with regard to her past embezzlement at Michael Jordan Caravans.

I thought I would get the same utterly professional response that I received from Claire Booth, the temporary head of human resources at Mercedes Benz.

But no. In fact, Robert Forrester threw all of his toys out of the pram, like a petulant child and threatened to tell Parkinson so that she could sue me until I pointed out one thing:

  • That she could not sue me as everything that I have written and said are on US servers

In addition, I was telling the truth and so any form of defamation case would fail at the first hurdle.

In fact, I did not know that my first wife had left Mercedes Benz, which she told me was her dream job and it was literally by accident that I came across a google search link to linkedin. Well, what do you know, she had left Mercedes Benz and had joined a company called Vertu Motors PLC (obviously a play on the word “virtue”), which I had never heard of before.

This is the link that I found

samantha vertu

and this is the person herself, my daughter’s mother

samantha pic

Quite frankly, I was astonished at Mr Forrester’s reaction. As a CEO, I would have thought that he would want to know that there was someone, who was very dishonest and a past embezzler, working for his company. But no; it was as though he was actually defending her.

Here is his reply

S Parkinson allegations
You replied on Sat 07/12/2019 12:52
Robert Forrester <redacted due to WordPress rules>
Sat 07/12/2019 12:44
  • You;
  •  Matthew Barr;
  •  Clare Booth ( temp replacement for Rachel Edwards due to maternity leave);
  •  Rachael Edwards Mercedes Benz HR Director

Dear Sir

This is clearly a civil matter in my opinion and we will not be taking the matter any further. As the CEO this is my decision. We will on Monday update Sam as to your communication and I am sure she may want to consider taking legal advice. I would be grateful if you could desist on contacting our organisation further. We will certainly not respond.



Of course this is a civil matter but it related to his company. and , as I have highlighted in red, he is clearly unconcerned that a past embezzler is working as a financial controller.

Call me cynical but what does this suggest about this company. It suggests to me that Mr Forrester and Mrs Parkinson have a lot to hide.

If I was an ordinary person reading this, I would not buy anything from this company; in fact, I would run the other way.

The company name includes the word “Vertu” but neither Mr Forrester or indeed the HR director, Matthew Barr have, in any way, been virtuous.

Indeed, I would suggest to shareholders of this company that they sell their shares; just my opinion of course.

If a CEO of a supposedly big company acts like this, what does it say about the whole company and the “credibility” of its stock of cars; not a lot, in my opinion

I want to stress that neither Mercedes Benz or indeed Vertu knew of the embezzlement , because Samantha Parkinson had falsified her CV, stating that she “had been at home with my daughter” but Mercedes Benz did do an investigation, when I first wrote to them in 2016 but, due to insufficient evidence, they cleared her.

With all of the new information, even though she had left, Mercedes Benz, to their credit, have carried out an investigation, involving their head office in Germany. If I was them, I would be worried how much had been stolen and hidden in suspense accounts

But Vertu Motors PLC are just not interested.


Not a lot, in my humble opinion

Below is the detailed email sent to both Mrs Forrester and Mr Barr; it was in two parts but it was only on receipt of the second part, which proved Samantha Parkinson’s dishonesty and embezzlement, did it provoke a reaction from Mr Forrester



Samantha Parkinson – Regional Financial Controller – Vertu Motors PLC
This message was sent with High importance.
David Hender
Sat 07/12/2019 11:57
  • Robert Forrester (CEO Vertu Motors);
  •  Matthew Barr (HR director Vertu Motors PLC)
Dear Gentlemen,
I need to urgently bring to your attention the subject ofMrs Samantha Parkinson of 46, redacted, who works for you as a regional financial controller.
Samantha was my wife and I divorced her as she had committed adultery with my best friend, when my daughter was only one. It is also very clear that she hid funds during the divorce process and provided false financial declarations to the courts.
I am writing to you as I was unaware that Samantha Parkinson had left her previous employment at Mercedes Benz and I only discovered this yesterday after searching for her on Linkedin.
As I had been unaware of her change, I sent the Human Resources department of Mercedes Benz, a comprehensive dossier that detailed her previous employment at Michael Jordan Caravans, a company from which she embezzled a sum well in excess of one million pounds; she was the sole accountant.
When Mrs Parkinson advised me of her embezzlement, she told me that she was£450,000 short of the amount that she had to repay to Michael Jordan. If she did not repay the full amount, the case was going to be passed to the Criminal Prosecution Service and she would have been imprisoned. As the father of her daughter, Verity, I could not bear having to take my daughter to a prison to visit her mother.
I therefore approached my father and he finally agreed to lend the money but secured the loan on the Isle of Wight property that had been bought with the embezzled funds. She therefore escaped prison.
But her next problem was her references for next job at Mercedes Benz. She lied on her CV, stating that she had been at home, looking after my daughter. This was, of course, untrue, as she had employed an au pair.
In 2016, I did approach Mercedes Benz with some information but my information was incomplete and she kept her job, confirmed by a very patronising call to me by Mrs Parkinson.
Roughly a month ago, I approached Mercedes Benz again, as I had amassed far more information, even showing them that she was forced to sell her house and move in with her in-laws on 8th September 2006 for a period of 4 months.
I have mapped her entire house history since I first met her in 1996 until the present day. This proves that funds were undeclared at the time of our divorce and that substantial monies suddenly appeared to finance house purchases and major alterations.
You may wonder why I am doing this. It is for four reasons, namely:
  • She conspired with my father and then manipulated my daughter to accuse me of sexual abuse, a most serious crime. However, after my arrest on 11th April 2016, I worked night and day to prove that I was completely innocent and after three months of hard work, as a result, both the CPS and the Police threw out the case. But, as a result, I have lost my beloved daughter and I have now not seen her for 4 years at least; she still is the world to me.
  • Samantha Parkinson is a criminal. She may not have been found guilty or even been charged but she did embezzle a vast amount of money and falsified her CV at least once, to my knowledge
  • As a PLC, you have to abide by much stricter standards than a non quoted company. Having an embezzler in your midst is not good public relations and your company is exposed to further defalcations that she may be undertaking, especially as she is quite senior as a regional financial controller
  • I am a retired auditor, a forensic Chartered Accountant and a fully paid up member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. It may be a cliche but I am as honest as the day is long; I could not break the law even if I tried. I despise criminality in any form and, in my last post as Finance Director of Premium Credit, I uncovered a fraud that was being instigated by my boss’s brother-in-law. If I reported it to my boss, because of the family connection, I could have been sacked on the spot but I simply could not ignore it and so I just walked into my boss’s office, closed the door, sat down and told him what I knew. An investigation was carried out that uncovered millions of pounds of hidden bad debts but because of the family connection, nothing was done to the perpetrator. I promised myself that if that ever happened again, I would do everything that I could to expose dishonesty, criminality and gross miscarriages of justice
It is quite interesting that on her Linkedin page, she has not mentioned her Mercedes Benz employment, a company that she worked for, for approximately 10 years. I obviously have no idea as what she has declared on her CV regarding her employment with you.
It is also notable that she left Mercedes Benz and joined your company very shortly after my original exposure to Mercedes Benz of her embezzlement and falsification of her CV.
You need to be aware that I now have a very large and popular blog and I used this to get not only Mercedes Benz UK interested but also Mercedes Benz AG. If you do not take action, then I will be forced to declare your company as corrupt and your share price will plummet as a result.I am not saying this to, in any way, bribe you or harm your company but to encourage you to do the right thing
What will follow, over the course of this weekend, is:
  • Proof that she embezzled funds and when she did this, there was an immediate significant uplift in her lifestyle
  • Proof that when caught, she had to sell up everything and move in with her in-laws
  • Proof that she indeed worked for Michael Jordan Caravans (Now called Marquis following its change of ownership)
  • Proof that she worked for Mercedes Benz
My blog will remain silent regarding your “involvement” until you have considered all of the information that I will provide and then summarily dismiss Mrs Parkinson. I have no desire to spoil the reputation of your company; I had not even heard of you until your company came up in my investigation.
I will also need confirmation of her dismissal, otherwise I will assume that your company has covered this up, as Mercedes Benz did when I first exposed Mrs Parkinson. I will then consider the matter closed.
More emails to follow.
After the aggressive and grossly unprofessional email from Mr Forrester, I decided that as they were going to be very unhelpful, I would not waste my time on sending them anything else
But I will be sending what I have to the stock exchange
Incidentally, after I sent them the information about Samantha Parkinson, my viewing figures went through the roof.
At one point, it was showing that 6 people had viewed, on average, 35 articles each
I have written an awful lot about Mrs Samantha Parkinson

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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