Sleepmatch by Dreams

Advertisers are getting very sneaky now, given my onslaught of the advertising industry.

Take the new “Sleepmatch” advert. Yes, there is a man in there and neither speak a word but the camera is always on the woman.

Not only that, in adverts, you hardly ever see women wearing glasses because it “takes away their beauty” but in this advert, she is wearing reading glasses, which are taken away by the “spirits”, giving the cameraman yet another opportunity to again focus on the woman.

I see right through the tricks of the advertising agencies.

For fucks sake, yes women are “prettier” than men but why should it mean that the agencies consider that by doing what they do, they are going to sell more product?

And, of course, they have a female voice over artist.

On all of their adverts, you normally see a female assistant. When I have visited Dreams to buy a new mattress, I have always got a disinterested man and the store is full of them

I am sure that there are a great deal of other people, both men AND women, who see through these adverts; my female cousin was one and she refuses to watch “normal” television, purely because of the female bias of adverts and the gross female bias of programming in general.

Some advertisers have got the message, such as Peloton and, for that very reason, I have them a big fat gold star.

Advertisers, like Dreams, will never get one until they fundamentally change the way the portray men and women; we are supposed to be equal.

I will be very hard on those advertisers (and programmers) who do not mend their ways and thankfully, due to the popularity of my blog, the message is getting out, far and wide.

Of course, to balance, I will praise those to the skies, who produce a totally gender balanced advert and I have done so, many times.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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