Sainsbury’s – the truth – Another con

If you watched the various Sainsbury adverts, you would think that it was a woman who started the whole ball rolling.

But, not so. It was Mr Sainsbury who started it, with his wife helping. Just look on the internet to see.

So, yet another Sainsbury con to spread more women across your television screens, all of it which is not true.

After all, what do you think these adverts are trying to achieve?

Yup, more sales and yes, more money, lots and lots of it

I have sent the link to this post to their customer service. They don’t do customer service, they just do bullshit. Let’s see what they come up with, shall we?

None of these big enterprises do customer service; Sainsbury’s, Amazon to name but two. They just lie and lie.

Sainsbury’s break the law EVERY SINGLE DAY with including bags in BAGLESS deliveries but they just say “sorry”,

That is not good enough. They should think more about our planet than their bank balance

Indeed when I caught out a massive lie from Amazon, they refunded the whole cost of the order that was supposedly delayed/out of stock/not their fault but was a cock up from start to finish


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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