Helping our aged brethren

Regular readers will see that I have written an article on how to look after people with dementia, using technology.

There are a lot of people around the world who have lost husbands and wives and now have few, if any, people to talk to.

In some villages, kind people will pop in every day to check that they are alright but, in a lot of circumstances, that is just not possible.

My idea of using CCTV to monitor your loved ones with dementia can be used just as well for those who are aged or infirm.

Being a WiFi based system, there is only one cable going from the box to the router and so there is no need for major alterations. All each camera needs is a power socket that you can run the power cable to.

The cost? Less than £200 for a 4 camera system.

Before those cynical amoungst you jump down my throat and say that I am doing this for money; shut up.I have no financial interest in any Wifi CCTV company and am doing this purely for altruistic reasons.

But I do have a personal interest; I am doing this because my father is both old and has Alzheimer’s and have despatched a CCTV kit to my brother who, I hope, will get this fitted, hopefully with the help of my tech savvy daughter.

I will be sending this link to Age UK and hopefully, after consideration, they will consider promoting it and I hope that the Alzheimer’s Society will do the same for that matter.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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