I want to talk a little about dementia and, sadly, I have a great deal of experience of it; I wish I hadn’t.

My dear Mum had Alzheimer’s and my father now has had it for roughly 5 years.

You do not die from Alzheimer’s but, if you live, your body becomes a shell. If you do die, like my mother did, you die from an illness such as pneumonia. It has angered me in the past that Alzheimer’s adverts have said that “it is the biggest killer”; it is not a killer but it is just that the body gives up.

As you know, I have had to install CCTV inside my house to protect myself from illegal arrests by the police or activities undertaken by my family. It is sadly so clear that all of them want me dead now; even my daughter.

Then it suddenly occurred to me that having an internal CCTV system would be an ideal way of checking up on dementia patients who are still at home, albeit remotely.

So, I wrote a paper about improvements to marketing for both the manufacturer of my CCTV kit and also for Amazon, as such systems are not easy to find on the high street. I sent it to the manufacturer yesterday and here is their reply

回复: Paper on increased market etc
You replied on Fri 29/11/2019 15:43

汤 旭 <>
Fri 29/11/2019 12:31
  • David Hender
Dear David,
Wow! I have received your attachment ,that is so great dear! You are so amazing  ,thanks very much for your improvements.
As you said ,the Dementia care is very necessary for each of us now,and the cctv camera can improve it effectively,i wish it can help more and more people and family.
Regards to your father.
If they were going to do anything, I had to write it in a way that would benefit them too and so I told them that they should sell far more if they suggested that it would be an ideal way of families checking on loved ones, whether they had dementia or not.
The system is wifi based so there are few cables and just the power connected to the cameras. It is easy to install.
I have also put my money where my mouth is and have bought an extra kit for my father. Even though he hates me and doesn’t consider me his son, there is still a big part of me who loves him as a Dad and I am very worried about him, knowing that my brother rarely visits and only goes there when it is convenient for him and not for Dad.
But, I have to work with what I have got and my brother now has a new CCTV system in a box. Whether he will get it installed is another matter. But if he does, I hope that will not give him a green light to visit my father even less than he is doing already as personal contact is even more important for a person who not only lives on his own but who has Alzheimer’s.
He is not tech savvy so he should get my daughter involved; she is far more tech savvy than even I am and then she too can keep an eye on her granddad. So, I will be sending this link to the both to them.
Even if they do not give me the access code to remotely view my father, hopefully one or both of them will keep an eye on Dad.
But the purpose of this article is really to give people who are in the same situation as me and my family, the idea to do it as well.
I have even prepared a paper for Amazon and the Alzheimer’s Society and have sent it to the both of them.
Here is the paper that I wrote for Amazon and the Alzheimer’s Society
and here is the one that I did to the CCTV manufacturer
In this day and age, when resources are slim and families are far apart, we have to use the technology at our disposal to keep an eye on our aged and unwell family members, don’t we.
If anyone reading this is in a similar situation as myself with regard to having a family member with dementia, just contact me through my contact page and I will get back to you.
Yes, people will make money off the back of this but what is more important is the safety and security of dementia patients.

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