The great Police speed trap swindle – THIS IS YET ANOTHER POLICE SCANDAL

First off, a warning. It is dangerous to speed and it is illegal. Even though I am totally anti police, I do always obey the law and would never encourage anyone to break the law by speeding. It is true, speed kills but…….

I want to give those who have had speeding tickets for just being a few MPH over the speed limit a bit of information. You are going to have to bite your lips whilst reading this.

Prats who do a ton down the motorway are idiots and deserve to be caught

  • Fact 1 – Speedos in cars are not accurate
  • Fact 2 – Speedos are geared to show a greater speed than you are actually driving i.e. you are actually going slower than you think you are
  • Fact 3 – GPS speed is far more accurate than speedos

Do not take my word for it. Try it for yourself but please do it SAFELY

If you have a sat nav such as a Garmin or a Tom Tom, have the sat nav fired up and travel at say 20 mph per the speedo. Now look (safely) at the sat nav. The speed that it will show will be between 18 and 19. This is your true speed.

Now increase your speed to 30 MPH. The difference in speed will be slightly greater. The difference will increase the faster you go; it is not quite exponential but you get the idea. At a speedo speed of 70, your actual speed will be say 65. At a hypothetical speed of a 100 mph, your actual speed would be around 90. It is all down to the gearing of your speedo, which is purposely designed to show a greater speed than you are actually travelling. Why? I have no idea

So, if you have got ticket for doing say 32 or 33 in a 30 zone, you probably feel quite gutted now.

I discovered this purely by chance as I have very good peripheral vision, (even though I wear glasses) and I have a Tom Tom in my car. I actually have two sat navs but one is built into the car and does not show GPS speed. I bought the Tom Tom because my truck’s Sat Nav, that was christened “Constance” runs on a DVD and, as the car is a 2004, the DVD was grossly out of date and to replace it would have cost nearly twice the cost of a Tom Tom; simple economics.

Speed Cameras

I do not know if they are but how are these cameras calibrated when new and are they regularly checked but checked to what? The courts take the recorded speed from these cameras as gospel and, if you are over the speed limit, you get points and a fine.

But like every piece of kit, a speed camera must be regularly recalibrated. I do not know for sure if this happens but I doubt it.

Speed guns

The same applies to these too. They are taken as gospel by the police and the courts but are they accurate? I doubt it. Especially when you know that I watched a programme once when and they directed a speed gun at a stationary tipper; you know the ones that are painted yellow and tip up their fronts to move dirt and rubble around.

They recorded this stationary tipper as doing 20 MPH with a police issue speed gun

It is all to do with frequencies and vibrations or something

Police cars

The good old Panda Car is basically a car painted in police colours so their speedos will be just as inaccurate as yours.

High performance police cars, unmarked and marked, have extra bits of kit in them like ANPR cameras (Automatic number plate recognition) which is to check if your car has tax, an MOT and insurance. They have other bits of kit too; what they have I do not know but I am pretty certain that their speedos are not recalibrated and that speedo is what they will use to pull someone over.

It is all very well having extra speed devices in a police car but what are they calibrated to? A very good question David

In fact, when my Dad was driving his Daimler a while ago, he told me that a Police bike pulled up next to him and just sat there. Through hand signals et all, the officer was telling my father that he (the officer) was checking his speed to my father’s to see if the officer’s speedo was working properly. TRUE STORY

Money makers

Speed cameras, speed guns and the like are for two reasons; to save lives through lesser accidents but also to make money for the government.

Meter maids are on commission; it is all the same thing really – to increase the size of the coffers of various governments

I watch two Kiwi police shows and I have to say that the police have got fining down to an art form. I would not be surprised if they fine you for breaking wind

Drink driving

It is stupid and can cause accidents and deaths but if you have just had one or two glasses of wine with a meal, ask yourself this

I have never been breathalysed, because I do not drink and drive but for those who have been caught by the Police, answer this question.

When was the machine in the Police station last certified and to what was it calibrated to?

And do not forget to look at the other police scandal regarding seat belts and hands free radios in POLICE CARS


  • Where does the sample go?
  • Who pays for the sample to be tested?
  • Answer – The Police

And it is in the Police’s interest to ensure you are prosecuted so



Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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