Abuse against women and girls

It has occurred to me recently that some regular readers of my posts may consider me to be a misogynist and quite anti women.

I am certainly not naive to think that there are quite a few pretty despicable men out there, who treat women like s##t and cause great harm to them.

Even my very own father controlled my beloved mother and drove her to a mental breakdown before my brother and I were conceived; that is why my brother and I had, compared to the average, older parents.

Sadly, my mother turned from being a stunning, happy woman into a broken and compliant woman. This was the big family secret that was uncovered, in part, roughly 20 years ago when we were visiting my brother in Australia. I even remember where it was; it was at the John Dory restaurant in Sydney.

My mother was in tears when something slipped out and then my brother kept on digging and digging which upset my mother even more.

It was all blamed on my grandfather who was dead and could not defend himself.

All of that digging caused my father to have serious palpitations, as he thought all of the truth would then come out and I even tried to call the doctor.

Maybe, because I have published articles accusing my father of destroying my mother that is the REAL reason that he has come after me.

I was defending my mother, even though she has now passed away and I am quite sure that her nervous breakdown may have had something to do with her Alzheimer’s.

As for me, I have hit a woman, once; I decided that if I felt the need, I would rather punch a wall but in a horrible argument in South Africa,alcohol fueled on both sides, I slapped my fiance once on an arm. I have never forgotten that and never will. It was totally wrong but sadly, in an argument, everyone has their breaking point. I have never hit a woman before or since. I apologised to her the next morning and she accepted it; we got married no long after.

But I did slap my daughter when she was at my home in Brockham. She was 2 ish and had got herself in a tizz and no matter what I said to her, she would not come out of it, so I lightly slapped her on the leg and she came out of her circular “anguish” and we then had a big cuddle and all was good again.

Even though I did it for the best reasons, I did feel guilty.

If a man has hit a woman, no matter how much she thinks that she loves her partner, she has to leave. If a man can be in the mindset of hitting a woman, or anyone for that matter, then he is a bad one and the woman should get right away as quickly as possible and call the police on him.

There is no excuse for a partner hitting his/her “opposite” and, if that is the case, sadly it will eventually escalate until sadly when it may be too late.

I despise men who hit women; I despise women who hit men. Violence is not the answer in any relationship.

But sadly, the police or whoever treat those two instances completely differently. 


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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