Rab Thomson and the murder of two of his three children (Ryan and Michelle Thomson)

I have just watched a documentary on this very cruel and sad tragedy.

I will never ever defend anyone who has committed domestic violence, be it a man or a woman but certain things really concerned me in this documentary.

Towards the beginning of the documentary, Rab Thomson was described as an egocentric man who despised his daughter because she had learning difficulties; these were the words from his wife, June Thomson.

But later in the programme, she said the complete opposite in that “he was a good father, loved his children, worshipped Ryan and was very protective of Michelle.

Tragic as this all was, I feel that the documentary has been contrived and words have been out into the interviewees’ mouths, particularly June Thomson.

It is clear that behind closed doors, Rab Thomson was a Jekyll and Hyde.

I am no psychotherapist but from what I saw, June had plenty of opportunities to “escape” from her abusive husband.

Before, everyone jumps down my throat, I will explain.

June Thomson was a housewife; nothing wrong with that at all.

But Rab Thomson was a plant operator and away from home for a large part of the day; it was even said that he provided well for his children.

So, given that Rab Thomson was so abusive, I am sorry to say that his wife June could have easily come up with a plan as it was not as though she and her husband were joined at the hip.

She could have easily arranged for the locks to be changed whilst he was at work and to phone the school to keep her children safe.

She could have then phoned the Police

It was said that she was brow beaten but she has a brain and the core action of anyone is self survival and,if necessary, survival of her children.

She even left him many times, taking the children and she had ample opportunity to keep her and everyone else safe but she always went back.


I wholeheartedly accept that some men are abusers, I know that, but there was so many chances to keep her children safe.

June Thomson finally left him and instigated divorce proceedings but she agreed, even knowing he was violent, to him having Michelle and Ryan for the day.

Rab Thomson killed both of them.

Clearly, he was as guilty as hell but his abused wife had so many chances to get out of the situation and had him arrested but she did not.

I know that this will not sit well with most and I have seen on documentaries so many times that the female partner had “no choice” but there is always a choice; to either leave with the children or to stab and kill him out of self defence.

I am not, for one minute, mitigating his guilt but in such circumstances, there is, I feel, always a way to escape from a violent person but the “victim” is always excused and every single ounce of blame is put on the perpetrator.

Clearly, it is the perpetrator who has committed the evil act but the “innocent victim” must take some of the blame and…..

they will live with that guilt for the rest of their lives

The way that I look at such scenarios is this

  1. Who committed the crime ?
  2. Could it have been avoided ?
  3. Could the “innocent party” have done anything to avoid it ?

If an open minded person, without tunnel vision, asks those questions, then maybe we can get to the real truth

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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