The sadness of David Barnett

This is another case of courts not really understanding the actions of a person, based on his or her previous experiences.

I refer you to the comments that I have made on the Cheshire Murders, which has grabbed a lot of attention from the US and the attorneys of the defendants

The case of David Barnett is one of the saddest of all.

When David was born, his mother didn’t really want him and so a friend of the mother, Robert, took care of him.

Though he tried very hard, he could not handle looking after David and so, at the age of 4, he finally came to the attention of Family Services. It is quite shocking that the Family Services did not even know of his existence for 4 or 5 years.


Whilst in the care of Family Services, he was allowed an unsupervised visit with Robert. During this visit, Robert grabbed David and ran out of the building, hiding David away in the boot of a car for two weeks. During this time, he was hardly fed, clothed or washed and probably just as bad, there were ragging storms, which frightened him to death; he was less than 6 years old after all.

It then took TWO WEEKS for Family Services to track him down, David was returned to care and Robert was arrested. Two weeks to track down an abused child is a travesty in itself. I wonder how long it would have taken if David had been a girl; she would have been found in a day.

At roughly 6 years old, he was fostered by the Reames family and he finally had a loving family but after only 6 months, Rita Reames was going to study abroad (why she would do that at her age, is anyone’s guess). So he was handed back to Family Services with David wondering what he had done wrong; he had done nothing wrong.

Roughly two years later, David was adopted by a man called John Barnett. He was constantly, by the hand, hit for not meeting Barnett’s expectations. The hand had a glass ring on it, causing great pain to David.

After a while, the cuddles that Barnett gave led to inappropriate touching and finally to sexual abuse.

At the age of David being 9, Barnett then adopted two other young boys and it did not take Barnett long for his attention to be drawn to one of the new boys, Eric, who was sexually abused also.

The three boys became so scared that they locked themselves into their bedroom and, to relieve themselves, they urinated out of the window. They could not risk being caught by Barnett and abused again.

At the age of 15, David and his friend Jason Kingdon discovered a photograph in Barnett’s room; it was of a naked very young boy with Barnett holding the little boy’s penis; you could tell by the ring on his finger.

So both David and Jason went to the Police station and showed an officer the photo. When the officer saw it, she threw Jason out and interviewed David alone. It was not long after that David came out in a fit of rage, still holding the photo, which the officer should have kept for evidence. But it is clear that the police were not interested.

Sexual abuse is very hard to prove but the photo could have put Barnett away and, most importantly



A lady named Secil Schodroski was being abused by her parents and came to stay at Barnett’s house for a summer. Why a young woman was being allowed to stay at a single man’s home is the failure of Family Services (again). She was abused by Barnett as well.

Secil and David became very close and Secil became pregnant. Barnett was determined to not let either of them go and so said that he would pay for an abortion so Secil and David moved out.

A lot of time was spent at Barnett’s parents house and they were, on the face of it, nice people but occasionally, Clifford Barnett did hit David in the same way that his son had done; he wore the same glass ring and so David associated Clifford as John Barnett,

But, at the age of 18, when David finally plucked up the courage to tell Clifford and Leona Barnett, they refused to believe him and he had a psychotic episode and killed the both of them.

He thought that they being so kind and understanding before, they would understand but they did not and his very damaged brain snapped. To this day, he cannot remember what happened and he wouldn’t, not if he had a psychotic episode. (It is like an epileptic fit. The brain tries to protect itself from harm and so all memories are blocked out, permanently. I should know; I am an epileptic and have had many seizures (totally controlled now) and I do not remember anything

Within 24 hours, he had confessed, was arrested and charged.

His first defence was as useful as a chocolate tea pot.

  • She did not bring up any of the long history of abuse
  • Did not call any of the witnesses from the list that David had provided

It is thus not surprising that he was given the death penalty

He was given the death penalty for the first degree murder (that is murder in the UK, not manslaughter) of Clifford and Leona Barnett.

After 6 years of incarceration, Elizabeth Unger Carlyle got involved and exposed all of the abuse that David had suffered.

As a result, his death sentence was commuted to life without the possible of parole.

He has now been in prison for roughly 23 years.

Barnett died in 2017 of natural causes but no charges of abuse were ever brought against him.

Even Secil said “He was a paedophile and a predator“.

It is no doubt that they were horrific crimes and time had to be done.

If either Barnett or his parents were still alive, that could be a trigger and unless David and Secil moved right away, that could be a problem.

But thankfully, Barnett is dead and sadly so are Clifford and Leona.

I am no psychologist but David is not a danger to society anymore and should be paroled or at least transferred to a mental institution for a few years before being released.

Even though his death sentence was commuted, like in the Clifford case, a jury bays for blood, I am sorry to say. There is no real understanding of what mental illness can do to people. Quite frankly, if I did not have my strong moral code, I would probably go after my father and cause him harm, given what he has done to me.

What the judges need to appreciate is that David has been let down:

  • By his birth mother
  • By the mother’s friend, Robert
  • At least twice by the Family Services
  • By the first foster parents, the Reams because they deserted him
  • By Barnett himself for betraying the trust that a foster child should have for his foster parent
  • By Barnett for betraying the trust that a child has in a parent when he was adopted
  • By Clifford and Leona Barnett for not believing him
  • By the first defence attorney who basically threw David to the lions. (I bet that he or she still got their fat fee though and suffered no admonishment when the courts deemed that David’s first trial defence was wholly inadequate)

What is so sad about this case is that there were so many opportunities to prevent these deaths, especially with Family Services. I am sure that there was no investigation into the lax care that was provided to David either.

You could tell in the interview that David is a very sad man and they were genuine tears. He is extremely remorseful and actually said that he deserves his punishment and feels kindly to Barnett, even though he was abused by him.

So, there is the acknowledgement that he has done wrong. He loved the Barnetts in different way, even if they all ultimately let him down.

What concerns me is the media hysteria that will build up if and when he gets a parole hearing. I was just checking a fact online and saw what a UK paper had said

and I am worried that when it comes to any parole hearing, there will be a frenzy of trial by media, which may influence any judge’s decision.

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