Raoul Moat – The pen (and the computer) is always mightier than the sword

For the brainless individuals who see Moat as some sort of hero should read the title over and over again until they get it into their thick skulls as to what that means.

Raoul Moat, was indeed a troubled individual and maybe, just maybe, if certain things had not happened in this life, no one would have been killed or scared for life.

I refuse to recount Moat’s “antics” but just want to say this.

Yes, you can be very frustrated, yes you may feel that the world is against you and yes, you may feel that the Police is against you.


NOTHING has been solved by violence and in these relatively peaceful times, that statement still applies.

I have had so much shit thrown at me, by the police, the courts, ex wives and my family that I could have quite easily gone bad.

But instead I chose to wait and investigate, even though my life has now been on hold for more years than I can remember. Save for the years spent as a child with my mother, the only real constantly bliss times were those two years that I spent with Liesel, even though she had brain cancer and was dying.

So, I use my brain rather than my fists and have broken everything down to expose all those who have done me harm, including my daughter, as well as exposing the complete impotency, incompetence and disinterest of the Police.

So, rather than commit violence, which is not in my nature, I have used this blog to not only seek justice for myself, not only to have those who have caused me harm brought to account but to also try to enable me to have a fresh start, right away from all of the painful memories that I have had to endure.

That day will come and it will come soon.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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