THE OMAGH BOMBING – Yet another police cover up

I have talked many times about the cover up that prevented me from suing the police, with regard to the false allegations made against me. These were horrible enough but nothing compared to the innocent people who endured the Omagh bombing.

On 15th August 1998, a car bomb exploded in Market Street, Omagh.

The death toll was 29 people, two of who were pregnant and hundreds more were either maimed or seriously injured.

The perpetrators of this evil crime were the “Real IRA” , a breakaway group of the IRA.

If that was not bad enough,

  • GCHQ knew
  • Special branch knew
  • Other police forces knew

Given the activity in Northern Island, every police station kept a “Threat book”. During the investigation by the Police ombudsman, one of those books disappeared (exactly the same as my copy of my the DVD recording my interrogation)

GCHQ even had tapped phone calls of the bombers and knew their identities. Special branch knew just as much but never passed it on.

Yet again, thanks to the impotency and inadequacies of ALL of the security forces, 29 people died.

But because they are “government agencies”, it was all covered up and none of the families who lost loved ones will ever see justice.

Of the identified bombers, all were not convicted of a crime but the victims’ families took out civil suits against those men where the burden of proof is much less.

They won but with the money they were awarded, they would have given it all away if they could have their loved ones back again.

Putting the bombings to one side,

  • when is all of this going to stop?
  • when are the police and other agencies going to be finally held accountable for their incompetence?
  • when is there going to be a stop of one rule for the police and one rule for everyone else?
  • when is all of this corruption going to end?
  • when are the police actually going to do their job properly for once?
  • governmental agencies are the only institutions in this country where those who have fucked up are not held accountable for their actions and inaction

It is so easy to understand as to why there is absolutely:

  • zero respect for the police and
  • zero respect for politicians of all colours

All of these governmental institutions would rather have lives been lost, innocent people imprisoned in order to save  the police and other agencies being embarrassed and exposed for the ineffectual agencies that they are

Who pays all of their wages and benefits?  WE DO


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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