Yet another tiresome email to the Police

As it is a Monday and every Chief Constable in the UK should be as fresh as a daisy after a weekend break, I have decided to write to them all again, summarising the many emails that I have sent over the weekend.

Firstly, here are all of the Chief Constables that I have written to:

Now the email. Sorry it is so long but it is important

It is 3.04 in the morning
This message was sent with High importance.
David Hender
Mon 11/11/2019 04:33
  • andy.marsh@redacted;
  •  chief.constable@redacted
+53 others
Good morning ladies and gentlemen,
I hope that you have all had pleasant weekends with your families.
Of course, although most of my family are alive, I do not have a family anymore and neither do I have any sort of life, thanks to the ineptitude of Surrey Police.I do not even have weekends anymore and night or day is only differentiated by the amount of light that flows into this miserable house that was violated by the Isle of Wight Police on the instructions of Surrey Police and two individuals in particular; DC Hollie Say 40254 and DC (now DS) Glenn Parker 236.
Even my poor cat does not what time it is anymore, as lights go on at any time of the day or night and night it is now; it is 3.06
I work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with rest breaks only when I feel tired and continue to campaign for my total exoneration and for proper justice to be meted out; the sort of justice where innocents are left alone and those who have done harm to anyone are arrested but that sort of justice does not exist anymore; it did when I was young but certainly not now.
These two individuals took the word of an “innocent” little girl who said that her Daddy had abused her. But, with no checking with me or even a phone call, they instructed my arrest without a warrant being presented to me on a whim because men are seen as bad by the Police. If they had done the most minor of investigations, they would have seen that my daughter’s accusations were a tissue of lies.
Again, on their instructions, without a warrant being presented to me, they started wrecking my home, taking away everything that was good about it and turning it into a mere house of bricks and mortar. The violation of what was my home was no better or no worse than what my daughter accused me of. All I do now is to exist in two rooms, my kitchen and my bedroom, with the rare trip to the doctors to collect my medication or for the osteopath to try and easy my irreparable back and neck.
Thanks to both the police and my family, headed by the patriarch, my father, who has conspired with the rest of them to ensure that my life is as bad as it could be and turning my life into being incarcerated in a prison without bars. I am now so scared of the police and my family that I have had to turn it, my car and myself into a technical fortress, to protect myself from illegal arrest by the police or serious harm (or worse) by my family. If they are prepared to get me put in prison, they will do anything and everything that you can imagine, whilst they sit in their ivory towers with no conscience at all.
And why do they let this happen I hear you asking yourselves? Ultimate power and control over the whole family with massive amounts of money taking front and centre stage. All have been bribed or controlled with eye watering amounts of money, money that you could only all dream of.
I have provided evidence after evidence of all of this to DI Alick James 3638 but he refuses to pass it onto the chief constable of surrey, Gavin Stephens, who is probably as disinterested as he is; after all, what is more important? the innocence of a member of the public against the now tarnished reputation of the police.
Even if, for one split second, you think that all of this is in my head, my dear father tried to bribe me on my birthday last year and what a lovely present that was.
Not content with trying to get me imprisoned, he tried to blackmail me. He offered me £250,000 to leave the country. But that was not all as he wanted the family shares that I own and are worth between £300,000 and £500,000 returned with no consideration.
Of course, I did what I thought was the right thing and reported it immediately to the chief constable of surrey. But DI Alick James got in the way, looked at the letter that my father had tried to bribe me with and emailed me back. When I saw the email ping into my inbox, I thought that some real action would be taken but how wrong I was; he considered this (wait for it) to be a mere business arrangement and that my dear Daddy had not committed a crime. If that was not an attempt a bribery, what was?
Of course, after working for 3 1/2 months solid, I provided so much evidence to Hollie Say via my solicitor that she, her sergeant and the CPS had no choice but to thrown out the case. But a person with a modicum of intelligence would have taken the next step?
If Mr Hender was innocent, then his daughter must be lying so lets go and talk to her under caution. After all, she has wasted massive amounts of Police resources and has not told the truth” On top of that my father and cousin both refused to give statements, which I thought was obstruction of a police enquiry.
“But never mind, we will not bother” thought the police. “We have already ruined one man’s life, lets not ruin a little girl’s too
After been found innocent, I was so aggrieved that I wanted the DVD of the interrogation, in order to take some action against the police. What DVD they thought. Even though EVERY interrogation must be under PACE and the interviewee is entitled under law and human rights legislation to a copy, “we will not bother about that because it will come back to bite us if we do”

​I have dedicated myself for the last 3 1/2 years to get justice for myself and, for those that have done me harm, arrest and prosecution and have been gunning after the police, namely DI James, DC Say and DS Parker, what does the police do? They try and gag me.

After that letter, from DS Parker, I laughed; what a pathetic attempt from him to stop me finding out the REAL truth about what the police have been up to.
Even so, I am now a target and have had to take those special measures that I detailed above; I am now covered from illegal arrests at my home, illegal arrests in my car or even on the rare occasion that I am walking down the street.
With some intrepidation,  I have now approached certain Sky News correspondents offering to tell my story. I want no anonymity, no fees, nothing but I want the opportunity to name names and to expose to the public, who are not aware of my very popular blog, as to what has happened to me but more important than that, to expose the inept, cowardly, impotent and damn right unprofessional police officers who have done nothing to protect me, as they are legally bound to do.
But what is worse, if that is possible, is that the police are prepared to let my tax evading father carry on destroying my life and oh yes, carry on driving, even though he now has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for 5 years, even though they have the power to seize his car keys and car. It would seem that it is too much trouble to get off their bottoms and to protect the innocent general public against my father’s behaviour.
It clearly does not matter to them if people get killed; one cyclist has already been run over and even though the Police have the knowledge that my so called brother’s children are banned from being in the car when my father is driving,
the police do nothing. Something that the police are very good at these days.
It is clearly far more important to be driven around in chauffeur driven cars, taking up a police officer on every occasion and have gleaming high performance BMWs in the car park rather than actually meting out what their sworn duty is, PROPER JUSTICE.
I have had one reply over the weekend, suggesting that I complain to the very same police force who has done bugger all to help me and many others I suspect or dare I say to contact the IOPC.
What is the point of complaining to Surrey Police when it is Surrey Police who will do nothing? And, as for the IOPC, I tried that once, complaining about Surrey Police and Isle of Wight Police. I did complain but what did they do? The just ignored Surrey Police altogether and sent my complaint back to Hampshire and Isle of Wight police for an “independent” review. I was not born under a rock.
You cannot say that a review that is carried out by the SAME force you are complaining about, is independent and we all know that the “I” in IOPC stands for “Independent”, which is laughable because EVERYONE knows that the IOPC is not independent and is totally biased towards the police. So, what does that leave you with?
A police force that is a rule unto itself
I am nearly done. I have just one more thing to say to you all:

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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