The murder of Cordell Richards

As regular readers will know, I have a totally unique insight into so many things. I have no idea where it comes from but I have it nevertheless so I use it. Maybe it came from the results of my brain cancer operation when I was 16 but who knows. I certainly do not think and process information like most people; that is for sure.

That insight came in very useful as I completely disproved the allegations that my daughter had made about me and the Police and Crown Prosecution Service had no choice but to throw out the case

This was one of the most gruesome documentaries that I have ever seen and I hope that I see none of this type again.

It was not a case of Cordell being shot or knifed to death; it was to do with much worse.

Cordell was divorced from his wife and living alone. He rented a room, very unwisely, to a 16 year old girl called Kristel Maestas. It was unwise, not just because she was an under age girl but because it led to his murder, but the latter is down to hindsight..

Maestas was going out with an 17 year old called Richard Bell (she was 16) and between the two of them and her friend,  Renee Lincks (15), they conspired to set up Cordell as they wanted to kill him and then take over his apartment.

The two girls seduced Cordell and then Bell came in with a baseball bat and knocked him unconscious. He was then put in their car and taken to the forest where he was chained to a tree and ALL THREE OF THEM took turns in beating him; everything was broken, his skull, the lot but he was still alive.

Then Maestas said “lets burn him” so he was taken down and lighter fluid poured all over him. Remember he was still alive. They then set fire to him and left him to die.

When Maestas and Bell returned the following day, he was, remarkably, still alive so Bell took the cleaver and tried to cut Cordell’s throat. They went off but Cordell was screaming for help so Bell went back to finish him off.

Maestas was found guilty of 1st degree murder first and was sentenced to life. Then Bell was put on trial. As the prosecutors wanted Bell found guilty, they did one of those deals with Lincks who then testified for the prosecution.

I must say that at this juncture, I find this plea deal making pretty unpalatable as the person who is offered the deal is as guilty as the others, Lincks was given a lighter sentence

In 2015, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to give juveniles life sentences so Bell and Maestas were to be resentenced.

I watched Bell very carefully and saw him rocking back and forth in his chair whilst the proceedings were going on; this is not a man who is seriously concerned with his freedom. Nor did he show any remorse.

Indeed, the defence refused to put Bell on the stand. The reason why? The prosecution would have cut him to shreds

Indeed, he was interviewed through his little cell flap door and he was coming out with all sorts of guff about going to church and helping young people. What a load of crap.

Thankfully, when both Maestas and Bell were resentenced, their life sentences were renewed by the judge.

As for Renee Lincks. Well, she was given only 15 years and only spent 12 of those in prison. She is now living a carefree life with her friends. So much for justice and so much for plea deals.

Although all three were culpable, it was only Bell who was sentenced to death by the jury, not Lincks and certainly not Maestas.

Why? Not only because Bell was the oldest but because he was a man. You can count on two hands, maybe even one, the number of women who have been executed.

But because Bell was only 17, the death penalty was quickly changed to life imprisonment.

But here is the thing.

It is a biological fact that women mature far quicker than men and Maestas, as a 16 year old girl, equates at least to a 18/19 year old man.

If anyone should have got the death penalty, it should have been Maestas.

The courts go into all of this psychological mumbo jumbo but they ignore biological fact and, accepting the plea deal which I do not, it should have been Maestas who should have got the death penalty, not Bell. But she didnt; BECAUSE SHE WAS A GIRL

The trouble that there is with courts is that they want it over as quickly as possible and although deals are done here, it is far more prevalent in the US.

All of them should have got life and there was plenty of evidence in the flat.

They should not have done any deals as that just cheapens justice 

Of course, the programme concentrated on Bell and not the girls. This is yet another example of sex discrimination against men.

Instead, the programme should have been about Maestas but that would never happen, would it?

Yes, Bell and Maestas were both evil and will never be released.

But look at what Lincks is up to

This case compares well to the horrendous murder of James Bulger.

In this James’ case, you could argue that it is even worse in that there were no plea deals; they just got lighter sentences, because of their age or in Lincks case, because she did a deal.

Yes, one hopes that when in prison, there will be some rehabilitation but for people who have committed such heinous crimes, that evil is buried deep and those sorts of people cannot be rehabiltated.

Just look at one of those murderers of James Bulger. Millions of pounds were spent on new identities and new homes but what did one of them do? He was arrested for having child pornography on his computer.

Despite how unpalatable it sounds, some people cannot be rehabilitated at all; the crimes were just too evil for that.

Not Bell, not Maestas, not Lincks, not Venables and not Thompson.

Remember that poor little James Bulger was only 2 and Cordell Richards was only 31. Neither of these innocent people had a chance to live out their lives and so why should the culprits of those heinous crimes?


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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  1. You got most of the facts of the Cordell Richards case wrong. I get it, you watched ‘Kids behind bars’ but they only sensationalize the case for TV ratings and leave out a lot of info. Bell was the primary instigator of the murder (jealous boyfriend) and Kristel and Renee pretty much went along with him because they were young, dumb, and afraid. Cordell was not innocent himself; he was a 31 year old man trying to have sex with an underage girl… that would make him a predator/pedophile.


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