Postcode lottery

I doubt very much that many big prizes have been won on the Isle of Wight, if any.

I used to have 5 tickets but cut it down to 2, given the disinterest of just about everyone in the Isle of Wight. We all know that such lotteries are not random. I bought the tickets to recover the massive amounts of money that I have lost, although that is as far as I will go with regard to gambling.

Yes, I have won the odd ten pounds but that is nothing to what I have paid in subscriptions.

I am thinking about cutting it out all together. Yes, they say that money goes to charity but I am quite sure that massive amounts go on admin and advertising so that the charities get very little.

I will give it another couple of weeks and will then cancel the last two tickets

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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