My last message to every chief constable in the UK, this time about the first injustice ever done to me

The first miscarriage of justice that was meeted out on me
This message was sent with High importance.
David Hender
Fri 08/11/2019 11:05
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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
I am well aware that none of these emails that I have sent to you refer to the districts that are under your control. So, why do I do this?
Clearly, the most serious injustice has been to do with the false allegations made by my daughter, Verity, who has conspired with my father and the rest off my family to not only ruin my life but to ensure that I am isolated on the Isle of Wight, an island which is no longer my home, due to its violation by the Police.
I accept that sexual abuse allegations are most serious but there is more than one way of doing things. Take Cliff Richard, a celebrity, who even after his home was illegally searched was invited to an interviewhe was never arrested and has even received compensation from the Police
Then take myself. The Police came in with size 9 boots, run roughshod over my then home and possessions, arrested me, denied me my human rights and treated me like nothing more than something found on the bottom of one’s shoe. It was clear from the behaviour of the inspector of the station, who denied my right to call my cousin, because “she could destroy evidence”, even though she was in Wales and there were, at that very moment, a dozen officers crawling over all of my precious possessions and searching every nook and cranny of my home and outbuildings.
More was to come from the outrageous behaviour of DC Hollie Say 40254 and DC (then) Glenn Parker 236IF the DVDs of the interrogation had not gone “missing“, it would have been plainly obvious to anyone who saw the video that they had already convinced themselves of my guilt. I was so confident of my innocence that I refused a duty solicitor, stating “I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE
This was not the first injustice that I have suffered.
I have written a very detailed post regarding this, including letters from my neurologist, Dr Trend. Rather than reinventing the wheel, here is the full post
It has been proved that the accident was not my fault and that I should never have gone through this stupid and painful process in the first place.
What I want to achieve is the reversal of the judgement. The points that I received have now lapsed but the issue is not the fine; it is the fact that my integrity as a safe driver have been put into question. If you like, it is a matter of honour.
I have had to deal with the effects of brain cancer, namely epilepsy, the operation to remove it and the lifelong aftermath, together with the loss of my 39 year old partner to brain cancer and the loss of my beautiful mother to pneumonia. Although hard, that is just “nature” but these injustices done to me are man made and all to do with the Police, whether it be Surrey or Sussex Police.
I demand full exoneration

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