Having to protect myself because of the failures of the impotent and inept Police

Regular readers will know that I have been subjected to wrongful arrest for abuse and harm, bribery, financial manipulation and the rest.

Of course, the Police could not care a fuck about all of that, as they are as impotent as a man who has had his wedding tackle chopped off and inept as someone who has had a frontal lobotomy

So, because of that, I have decided that I need to take precautions as I have no idea as to how far my family will go. They have tried to imprison me, throw me out of the country and to stuff me financially so would they do “the ultimate”? Absolutely

So, I have had to fork out for a security system and, for when I am out and about which is very rare these days, thanks to the Police, I am having to install a dash cam in my car, to prove where I was at any particular time, so the camera will be pointing inwards rather than outwards.

I should not have to go to such extents to protect my freedom from those who would do me great harm, especially my father and brother.

It is amazing that an ordinary person is having to go to such lengths, particularly as even with all of the proof, SURREY POLICE will not lift a fucking finger as they know they have mucked up big time and just want to exert all of their energies in covering up for their mistakes, BIG FAT ONES.

What the hell do we pay our Police precept on our council tax for? Apart from that funding, they get millions from the government.

So what actually do the Police actually do? From my personal experience,


This is not paranoia, this is self protection


and not engage in DIY solutions


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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