A message to every single Chief Constable in the UK

Here we go, all self explanatory. The email sent to the Met Police bounced back; hardly surprising as they don’t want to interact with the people who pay their wages 

A message from a member of the public


This message was sent with High importance.
David Hender
Thu 07/11/2019 14:50
  • andy.marsh@redacted;
  •  chief.constable@redacted
+54 others 
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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Please accept my apologies for the intrusion but I have been given absolutely no choice; primarily by Surrey Police, The Chief Constable of Surrey Police, Gavin Stephens and his staff officer, Detective Inspector Alick James 3638, together with DC Hollie Say 40254 and DS Glenn Parker 236.
All of the content can be accessed via my blog, the details of which are at the end of this email but, in summary, my complaints are as follows
Against Surrey Police  (not necessarily in time order)
  • I was arrested on 11th April 2016 after being accused by my daughter of sexual abuse and actual bodily harm, although there was absolutely no evidence to support this
  • The actual bodily harm had been caused by self harming, discovered by my then wife, Rosanna Hender, years earlier
  • No warrant for my arrest was shown to me
  • No warrant to search and subsequently trash my home was shown to me
  • I was interrogated by DC Say and DS Parker (then DC Parker) at Newport Police Station (Isle of Wight) for a number of hours and, of course, I denied everything
  • I was bailed the following morning and then spent the next three months proving my innocence by showing where I was at a particular time, Verity’s (my daughter) willingness to come on holidays with me, Verity’s interaction with my partners, one of whom was a highly qualified paediatric occupational therapist, who was dying from brain cancer and Verity’s willingness to even invite me for supper, as she was by then at Frensham Heights 6th form college; this was in January 2016
  • I had moved to the Isle of Wight on 23rd November 2015although the so called period of abuse ended on 31st December 2015; I had not seen my daughter for at least three months before I moved and, although she had promised to do so, did not come to my former home at Nepcote to pack her own belongings
  • As part of my defence, I asked for my copy of the interview DVD which under PACE and the Human Rights Act, is my absolute right. I never received any response from either DC Say or DC Parker. This DVD would have also provided evidence to prove that I had been wrongfully arrested, to sue Surrey Police and to prove that both officers were extremely biased throughout the whole of the interrogation. Without it, any claim against Surrey Police would have failed.
  • Even if my copy of the interview DVD had gone “missing”, there was still the Police copy that could have been copied and sent to me but that did not turn up either.
  • I have spent the last 3 1/2 years trying to work out as to why my daughter had wrongfully accused me and I sent all of the information to DC Say
  • After 3 months following my initial arrest, I received a call from DC Say to say that they had thrown out the case
  • After I was cleared, I then requested numerous times that my daughter be re-interviewed under caution but my requests were ignored by DC SayDC Parker and latterly DI James
  • I continued to work to try and understand what had happened and, in 2017, visited my female cousin a number of times, at her request, as we had always been close. My cousin is now in her 70s and I am in my 50s. I had sat her down and asked her if she believed me. She said and I quote “I would not have let you stay in my house if I thought that for one moment you had abused Verity
  • I also established from my cousin that large sums of money had been paid to my brother at this time and that Verity’s mother, Samantha Parkinsona past embezzler, had also been paid substantial sums
  • When the accusations were thrown out, later, my father tried to bribe me to leave the country. I attach his letter that was purposely sent to be received on my birthday last year. He offered me £250,000 to leave the country but I had to give up my family shares, which are worth between £300,000 and £500,000, which I, of course, refused; I do not submit to threats
  • I sent all of the details to DI Alick James , staff officer to the Chief Constable of Surrey Police, but he dismissed this as a so called “business arrangement“. If the contents of this letter do not amount to bribery, nothing does
  • I have continued to hound DC Say, DS Parker and DI James as I want total exoneration from what I was accused of and, just as importantly, for those who conspired to accuse me to be brought to justice
  • I received a letter from (now) DS Parker, dated 10th October 2019 (attached) stating that I was not to contact anyone in the Police with regard to this case and that if I continued, I would be subject to arrest. His letter was an attempt at gagging me
  • DI Alick James has continually refused to pass this onto the Chief Constable of Surrey, Mr Gavin Stephens, for his consideration
  • As the Chief Constable is responsible for the actions of all of his (or her) subordinates, Mr Stephens is as culpable as all of the other officers and I demand that DI James 3638DC Say 40254 and DS Parker 236 are immediately suspended without pay and are removed from office for gross misconductnot just the normal slap on the wrist as is the norm
I demand the following:
  • Disciplinary action to be taken against those officers responsible for ignoring the true facts of the case and for covering up the mistakes that they have clearly made
  • Removal of those officers
  • The interviewing under caution, arrest and conviction of those responsible for ruining my life
I will also be suing Surrey Police for substantial damages
The Police are there to uphold justice, treat people as innocent until proven guilty and to protect the innocent; they have done none of these things

I will deal with the issues revolving around Sussex Police and my wrongful conviction under separate cover
I demand immediate action
This email will be posted on my very popular blog, in its entirety

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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