A message to every chief constable in the UK, this time about my father’s health

Again, this email is self explanatory

A serious cause for concern – My father
This message was sent with High importance.
David Hender
Thu 07/11/2019 23:42
  • andy.marsh@redacted;
  •  chief.constable@redacted
+49 others
Dear Ladies and gentlemen,
This is the second email that I am sending to you and it concerns my father.
Yes, I have accused him of conspiring with the rest of my family to ruin me in a multitude of ways, as I have already described to you.
BUT, he suffers from Alzheimer’s and was diagnosed back in roughly 2014. I have not seen him for nearly 5 years now, as he has always refused to see me and so I have no idea as to how he actually is.
I am very concerned with two aspects.
Firstly, he continues to drive. I have already got him temporarily suspended from driving once and have issued another complaint to the DVLA. This will be found on the Police National Computer.
I have advised DI Alick James of this and he is completely unconcerned, instead saying that I should contact the DVLA, which I have done. But the Police have the power to stop someone from driving if they consider the driver to be a danger to himself and to the Public. He has not been retested or independently accessed, instead relying on the word of his long running GP; my father can put on a very good act.
He has his car regularly “serviced” but this is no more than have the scrapes on his car repaired and resprayed.
  • My cousin refuses to let him drive when he visits her in Wales
  • My own brother banned his two daughters from being in the car if he was driving.
Surely that says it all.
Secondly, due to his age and infirmity, I consider that he is being heavily manipulated by my brother, who has received nearly two million pounds from him but that is what I know about; I am sure there is more.
Again, I set this out clearly to DI Alick James but again, he just dismissed it all and told me to stop writing to him.
I do not care what he says. My father is in danger of being hurt, killed or financially fleeced and the public is in serious jeopardy of my father causing serious harm to an innocent member of the public.
It would seem that no one cares a damn, especially the Police

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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