Are you surprised that I am what I am?

Yes, I drink too much and do sometimes start very early in the day, around 10.00 am and I smoke like a trooper.

I act like a hermit, as my home became a house with a prison without bars.

This is why.

  1. I was treated like filth when I was arrested during my divorce as I told my friends I was going to blow up my house. I was having a breakdown but the Police do not care about mental issues.I must have asked twenty times for my medication but they refused; they were bastards
  2. My then wife, Rosanna, lied to the courts and got £180,000 cash for ONE YEAR of marriage plus I had to pay her legal fees, which were £45,000
  3. I was arrested after being accused of abusing my daughter; a case that was thrown out by the Police after three months of very hard work by me
  4. The Police were disinterested in reinterviewing my daughter. Oh, of course, the Police believe every word girls say and think that men are all sick
  5. The DVD of my interview went missing thus preventing me from suing the Police for unfair arrest and gross mistreatment by DC Hollie Say 40254 and DC (then) Glen Parker 236
  6. My father tried to bribe me to leave the country by offering me £250,000. I complained to the Chief Constable of Surrey and he was not interested. Oh and my father wanted me to hand back my family shares because he said they were worthless; they are worth between £300,000 and £500,000, that is half a million pounds
  7. When the first two attempts failed, the trust officers, on my father’s instructions, unlawfully deducted money from my sole source of income
  8. Mysterious loans appeared that were not even in the signed loan agreement that I had with the trust
  9. ALL of my family and extended family have been threatened, bribed or paid off to conspire with my father
  10. Oh yes, my father. A man who calls himself a Chartered Accountant but doesn’t pay his subs and who evaded tax to the tune of £6M a while ago. Are the tax authorities interested? No
  11. My brother who evaded tax whilst he was working in Australia. Are the tax people interested? No
  12. My father continues to drive even though he has Alzheimer’s. Are the Police and the DVLA interested? No
  13. I was “invited” to attend a chat at my father’s house on 5th November with his lackey/ gofer John Marriott present. Marriott would say that black is white if that was what my father wished. This “chat” was a ruse to get me arrested or sectioned. I saw through that and told my father where to go. One old man and one businessman, in league, against me; I had no chance.
  14. I discovered that my brother had been given an interest free loan to buy his mansion. Not only that but he had insufficient security to offer. THAT is TWO trust no nos. The security I offered was 130% of the loan
  15. I discovered that my brother had been paid an extra £545,000 in dividends over two years; it was kept secret but I found it out
  16. My dear brother has been paid £1.25m in advanced inheritance. Why? Because he is the favourite son, not because he needed it as he was wealthier than me when he returned to the UK from Australia
  17. Brother again. His failing company was propped up by illegal loans from the family company, which were all written off just prior to its merger with another brewery
  18. Ah yes, now the so called professionals, namely Berwin Leighton Paisner and the trust company, Paicolex Trust Management AG, the latter owned by the former. These so called professional people have all conspired with my father to make my life as miserable as possible and have even said that these additional spurious loans were part of the agreement, which they are not

There is no doubt that my father has helped me after I was creamed in both divorces but they were always at a cost and I am being held to ransom by Berwin Leighton Paisner and Paicolex Trust Management AG because Daddy wants to destroy me

Everything, according to my father’s rule book, has a price. That is why he refused to give even his beloved niece,(Lori Cameron aka Pat Doswell) the house that she lived in because and I quote….


Hardly surprising then that although she let me stay 3 times in her house because “if I had thought for one moment that you had abused Verity, I would have not have let you in my houseBUT

then suddenly kicked me out and changed her story, saying that I had actually confessed to her that I had abused Verity and that she phoned Verity’s school


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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