An ally from an unlikely source

PC Peter May, from Arundel Traffic, came to see me at my home at Long Barn, because I had already surrendered my licence following my accident and the first consultation and tests with my neurologist, Dr Trend.

Yes, I have slated off the Police, time and time again but he came across as a very fair man and was very understanding of my crash; he even understood that people would get the wrong idea of a man in a Porsche, who had passed them but was braking. And then my brain went bang

This is my email to him; self explanatory

A thank you
David Hender
Wed 30/10/2019 11:35
  • Peter May (Sussex Police Arundel traffic)
Dear Peter,
You are clearly still as I remember you; fair and understanding. I remember our chat as though it was yesterday. IN fact, I remember everything the same way, all of those bad things that were done to me.
You will remember that I refused to admit careless driving on that summer’s day in the garden, with me chain smoking, even though you tried to coax me into agreeing but you were totally unaware of my medical condition
I just want to say a big thank you for everything that you try and do
Gosh, I wish there were far more people in the force like you.
With best wishes

That last comment is so true. Compare his stance to that of DC Say and DS Parker, who completely cocked up and then covered their arses to hide their faults.

And then DS Parker sent a letter to me to try and gag me. What a lovely officer; not

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If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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