Time to think ONLY of myself (updated by something VERY special)

I have had enough of everyone. Call it an epiphany

I am, by nature, a giving person and have been for all of my adult life. I have helped my friends and given things to them too, even my father’s housewarming present for my home in South Africa, I have lent money to my brother, I have driven all the way down to Wiltshire to babysit his children so that they could go out and do the socialising thing (when all parents would have cancelled the evening if they could not find anyone) at substantial cost to me with just a curry as payment, have given money to my “little brother” in South Africa, have bought things to help my cousin, both in this country and back in Canada; all done to help them in some way. I remember it all, every single thing

That is the way that I am built but sadly, most have taken advantage of that good nature.

In a email to my little brother, the other day, I said that I was very pleased that he was on the mend from his cancer but that I was pissed off that every email either said he was very poor or intimated that he was in need of money.

He sent an email right back, as he had realised how it seemed to me and promised to never include that subject again. He profusely apologised and I have accepted that apology.

That was the trigger to my change in mindset and last night, I tossed and turned for hours deciding what I am going to say and do.

I have threatened many times that I would do harm to people’s careers or harm them financially but I have always backed off because it just felt that it was the right thing to do, as it went against everything that I believe in; that people are good deep down.

But despite repeated attempts, it is clear that all of those people involved in my demise think about themselves and no other.

I am reluctant to write what I am about to write but I have been pushed far too far; today and the weekend marks the end of Mr Nice Guy. Because as of Monday, I am going to turn the tables on everybody.

I no longer care if Verity’s career is destroyed and is put in prison for perjury, I no longer care if my brother is put in prison for tax evasion, I no longer care if Verity’s mother’s career is put in ruins, after everything that I did for her, to keep her out of prison for embezzlement ( I had to fucking beg my father for the sake of Verity),I no longer care if my cousin loses her house or goes to prison, I no longer care if my father is substantially fined for tax evasion and the trust collapses, I no longer care if Clare Edwards, Ron Downhill or Lisa Mayhew are struck off and I no longer care if no further work is done on this damn house because my patience has run out, as I now live in two rooms only, my kitchen and the bedroom and I no longer care if I have to live in a flat, sell all my tools and garage equipment, scrap the camper van named after my Mum. My peace of mind is far more important than material things although it will be sad to say goodbye to the camper van for obvious reasons. I will seriously downsize if I have to, move off this fucking rock and have a little fun for what time I have left.


I have given many people so many chances but they have either taken advantage of my good nature or have turned the screws even further, knowing that I would not really do anything. The biggest watershed is the attitude towards my daughter, if I can call her that because her behaviour has shown that she is really no daughter of mine. She even had the audacity to complain to my father that she was being banned from coming to my funeral, after everything that she fucking did.

All of those people have the weekend to think very carefully in what they do, as Monday will see a new David. Call it spite, call it what you like but most, if not all of those people deserve retribution and it will come like a tsunami.

Of course, I have already made the first strike. I am getting my father permanently disqualified from driving and my request to the DVLA is backed up by all of those emails that my cousin sent me when we were talking, all nicely attached to the contact form and, of course, the icing on the cake in this regard has been the knowledge that my brother banned his children from being in the car when he was driving.

In fact, as far as my father is concerned, it is already a double whammy because that letter from him asking for a meeting to have a chat as to why I was so angry includes those magical three words “FCA” right at the top. The Institute do not take kindly to people who have stopped paying their subs but still call themselves a Chartered Accountant

Of course, with regards to my cousin’s emails to me, she will not remember as she has a bad memory as a result of a car crash but, when confronted by my father, she will turn on the crocodile tears and say “Uncle Will, I didnt say that“.

But, of course, she has already deceived him many times already, by meeting me in secret, over a period of a year, because he had forbade a 50 something man from seeing his 70 something cousin. What gave him the right to do that

If she  has deceived him so many times already, she will deceive him again.

She will do and say anything, even if it perjures herself, to keep that roof over her head


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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