I have shown that without a shadow of a doubt, Sky, probably the biggest programmer in the world, has manipulated footage from crime programmes, particularly Stop Search Seize that is now showing as a “Sky Original Production”


This major programmer is putting out content that portrays men to be the most criminally minded, whereas we all know that both men and women commit crimes, of assault, of robbery, of drunken driving and of murder

But what Sky has done is to dictate the way programmes are edited and that most of the content relating to women is cut out and remains on the cutting room floor.

Most people watch television and when they watch such programmes, their subconscious will pick up on what the brain collects and, in effect, everyone is subtly brainwashed into believing that men are bad and women are good.

But this goes much much further than mere television programmes. If people believe that men are bad and women are good, then society will portray that image. We already see it in adverts in that the agencies spread as many women across the screen as they dare; I picked up on that a long time ago and that is why my blog has gone on and one about gender inequality in adverts.

But it goes further than the television media. It also affects the attitude of the Police, who treat men in such a thuggish behaviour, by regularly throwing them to the floor and have three or four officers on top of them, whilst they treat women criminals with kid gloves, even if they have committed a grave offence.

That is why the Police always believe a woman over a man be it wife over husband or whatever. Of course, we all know that every woman is a great actress and can shake, scream and turn on the tears at a moments notice, whilst a man cannot.

In the old days, some women were treated like dirt but that has thankfully changed but with the “thanks” of feminism and political correctness, it has gone far too far the other way and men are treated like shit.

Just take one case; mine. A weepy girl went into a police station and accused her very own father of abusing her and of physically hurting her. If they had looked very carefully at her arms, they would have seen that the scars had just about healed and would have concluded that it was all down to self harming, as many young teen girls suffer from that fate but they were so brainwashed and blinkered that they believed her without question.

Not long after, they came into what was then my home with both size 9s, instantly treating me as a paedophile and literally trashing my house. A lot of men would have given up at that point and taken what was not due to them but what was going to be received anyway.

Thankfully, I had the strength of character and the gross sense of injustice to fight those bullies and worked every single brain cell to prove that I could not possibly have done it. I provided evidence that the Police did not expect and they had no choice but to throw the case out.

Incidentally, I was supposed to have abused Verity in my car, the one that is sitting in my drive at this very moment.

  • Did they take the car away for analysis? NO
  • Did they even search the car for evidence? NO

It also has infected the justice system in that where there is a man and a woman who have committed exactly the same crime, the woman always gets a much lighter sentence.

Why do you think that the justice minister recently suggested that they should actually close all prisons for women

But this goes much further than the UK. In fact, just about every single country and its occupants have been brainwashed in this way; that women are perfect and do not lie but men are not and do.

This is so blatantly obvious in the US, Kiwi and Australian crime programmes, where female criminals are treated carefully whilst men are treated like rabid dogs and handcuffed immediately.

This is not just a UK disgrace; far from it


Do not take my word for it. Watch these programmes and if you feel that there is gross injustice in our world, spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and word of mouth.

The question that we all need to ask ourselves is this.

Do we want our sons and grandsons to grow up in a world where a girl or woman, purely out of spite, accuses our loved ones of a crime that they never committed and end up in prison. And do we want our daughters or granddaughters to grow up in a world where their unjustified actions are considered with an ever growing air of impunity?

Although we love our loved ones dearly, is that a world that we want them to grow up in? 

If no one speaks out, then nothing will change.

I am doing my bit; now you do yours, men and women alike

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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