Irish Customs are CON MERCHANTS – Stop, Search and Seize

I have watched quite a few of these and I have got more disgusted every time that I watch an episode; sometimes I watch the same episode 4 times, thanks to Sky’s desire to save money and repeat everything countless times.

Out of all of the episodes that I have watched, I have noted the following:

  • 95% of those stopped are men
  • They target those who can hardly speak the language and who cannot argue back
  • It is clear that they are sexist and racist

That is typified by episode 17, where a driver and his mate bring in quantities of alcohol and tobacco, all within their limits. All the customs chap did was demand the receipt, over and over again but he found it in one of the bags. Even then though, he decided that he was going to seize the lot, even though there was a receipt for the whole lot.

Has he never heard of one person putting it on their card and then the other reimbursing with cash? It is done every single day in restaurants; I have done it many many times as you have.

It is a con. They purposely trip people up who cannot defend themselves because they cannot speak the language and they then just take the lot.

As to destroying all of the alcohol and tobacco, which they said they were going to do; BOLLOCKS .

They must seize millions of cigarettes and thousands of litres of alcohol, that costs hundreds of thousands of pounds. Are they going to just let it go up in smoke?

Of course they are not.

They have outlets, or third parties, to sell this stuff because what is customs really for?

To generate money for Ireland

It is just one huge big targeted con.

Same episode.

A woman brought in stuff for a man who she had met on the internet. The customs woman said she was just being naive and just let her go.

If she did not have anything to hide, why did she not claim the bag when she got off her flight? Of course she knew; women, as I have found out to my cost, are great actresses. 

IT IS ILLEGAL TO BRING IN SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE ELSE. PERIOD. But, because she was a woman, she was let off.

A passenger is entirely responsible for what they bring in

It turned out to be cleaning fluid for phones but no duty had been paid so was seized. They will sell that as well.

And if not to labour the point, they stopped a chap from Lithuania and emptied all of his boxes on a van.

Didnt like a big can so they opened it up. They were gherkins but as the air had got to them, they were ruined

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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