Why do I do what I do?

Some readers may think that I have become obsessive about the law, the Police and the Justice system. Maybe I have but I will tell you why.

When you have been accused of crime that you did not commit is one thing but when you have been accused of that crime by your very own daughter, it becomes something much more personal.

It took me just three months to provide irrefutable evidence that I had not commit those awful crimes and, as a result, the case was thrown out by the Police.

For some, that would have been enough, to be found innocent but it was not that simple. In Police parlance, the case was “not proven”, which puts the whole basis of the legal system into doubt.

Anyone can be innocent but if the Police intervene but find no evidence, they will describe the case as “not proven”. You can apply the Police’s principal to every single man, woman and child in this country in that just because there is no evidence, it does not mean that the person is not guilty.

That makes the bedrock principal of innocent to proven guilty an absolute sham. It suggests that actually everyone is guilty and just because there is little or no evidence, it does not prove innocence.

What has really pissed me off that despite having not a single shred of evidence to the contrary, in the minds of the Police, I am still guilty. That is the real reason why they will not pursue other avenues.

The Police knew that they had really cocked up but rather than admit to their mistakes, they just covered up their failings, which were supported of course by the entire Surrey Police, including both chief constables and their aides.

It would be extremely embarrassing for them if they actually admitted to making a mistake because, if they did, that would mean huge damages being due to me but the way the Police think these days is that they would rather save money than admit that someone was actually innocent all along.

It is for that reason that I have absolutely no respect for the Police, the justice system and, of course, their masters, the government.

But it goes further than that. When someone such as me (and there have been many) knows them to be innocent, the thought of people thinking that you were guilty goes against everything that you believe in and that thought just takes over your mind, leaving no room for anything else, no life, no love but just an existence.

My situation is complicated further by the fact that there is a powerful patriarch in the family and he has garnered all of his resources to ensure that I have no peace by bribing all of the family with vast amounts of money and by bribing the institution that I now have to rely for my livelihood; the family trust.

Being in Switzerland and being controlled by a huge law firm in this country, Berwin Leighton Paisner, they can do whatever they like to me.

Even though the loan agreement that I had with the trust’s subsidiary neither included any repayment date or included the spurious loans that are now being forced to pay off, I can do absolutely nothing and I am powerless.

My only hope was my daughter, as it would be she who would have ensured that the house of cards fell but would she do anything; of course she wouldn’t as she is sitting on a pile of money paid for by both the trust and my father and so “she is alright Jack”. She has been prepared to put the welfare of her father before all of the money and favours that she will gain.

She never actually had to do any of that because, by the terms of the trust, she would have been looked after very well indeed and I would have helped her too, as I do have all good income, even if it has been cut. I know exactly what is going on in her household and was prepared to help her break away by paying for a place for her to stay, so that she could spread her wings.

But no, she chose the coward’s option and decided that she liked the status quo and was not going to help her Dad; the one who put her to bed every night, the one who fed and changed her every night and the one who sung lullabies to her every night. Her mother was never interested, as she was a confessed non maternal mother but I wanted to do it anyway because, when Verity was born, she was my life, my everything.

When I was unceremoniously kicked out of the house that I was paying for, my grief was not just because of what my wife had done to me; it was far more to do with my little Munchkin who I would not see.

Even though I have no real idea as to who was behind it all; maybe my father, maybe Verity herself, maybe her mother, I continue to fight for my daughter and for being totally exonerated.

I am literally a small David fighting against a huge Goliath, a Goliath that has conspired with so many people to make my life as miserable as it is.

For what? I have done absolutely nothing wrong.

The Police will not help; they are morally corrupt at the very least and just think about themselves.

So, I continue to dig deep and hope that this blog will gain some serious traction. I am not just talking about the tens of thousands who have already visited my blog and have read what I have got to say but I mean millions of people.

Only then, Can I put pressure on the Police as their actions are always swayed by Public opinion and to bring those who have gone out of their way to ruin my life.

Those people, including the Police are:

  • Current Chief Constable of Surrey Police, Gavin Stephens
  • Former Chief Constable of Surrey Police, Nick Ephgrave
  • The chief Constables’ aide, Detective Inspector Alik James
  • Detective Constable 40254 Hollie Say (one of the officers who interrogated me)
  • Detective Sergeant 236 Glenn Parker (the other officer who interrogated me)
  • William Thomas Hender (father)
  • Verity Hender (daughter)
  • Samantha Parkinson ( daughter’s mother and first wife)
  • Martin Hender (brother)
  • Alison Hender (sister-in-law)
  • Lori Cameron ( cousin and niece of my father’s)
  • Lisa Mayhew, Managing Partner of Berwin Leighton
  • Ron Downhill, consultant to the above and tax advisor and legal advisor to the Hender Family Settlement
  • Andrew Lugg, Chairman of Paicolex Trust Management AG, the corporate trustee of the Hender Family Settlement
  • Claire Edwards, main trust officer of  the Hender Family Settlement

All have lied and absolutely no one has come to my aid. Even after the accusations fell apart, my father then tried to bribe me to leave the country.

That bribe was in the form of a letter, which I sent to Surrey Police. What was their pathetic and impotent response? It was “simply a business arrangement”. That is the metal of today’s Surrey Police; they neither deserve my respect or will ever get it.

The ultimate culprit? My very own daughter, who regardless of my feelings for her, will be completely destroyed; career, reputation, the lot. Not out of spite but to teach her a very important lesson. That is that you cannot play god with peoples’ lives.

That is my solemn promise to all of them, on my darling Liesel’s and my mother’s life, until my last breath and hopefully beyond that too

But, whatever has happened to me, one thing is certain.

No one, but no one, can take away the happy memories that I hold in my brain

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Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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