TWA Flight 800

This involved the crash of Boeing 747. The plane blew up in the sky with the loss of all passengers and crew.

The crash came down to two possibilities.

Either, the Navy shot it down with an errant missile or the fuel tanks blew up.

The NTSB checked with the Pentagon who assured them that no missiles had been fired. The naivity of the NTSB is outstanding. Do they honestly believe that they would admit to shooting down a commercial aircraft? Of course they would not

Now to the fuel tanks

Some idiot, when designing the 747, put the aircon packs under the fuel tanks. Any idiot knows that air con machines for any purpose get hot so why put them under fuel tanks, where the fuel would then be heated up to a vapour?

Worse than that Boeing ran loads of cables through the fuel tank. In a car, the electrical supply for the sender unit is kept well away from the fuel. It is just common sense.

Did no one think to put a serious amount of insulation around the air con packs and between them and the tanks? Do they not have people with brains at Boeing?

The spark for the explosion, if it was one, came from wiring that was said to be crumbling, which caused a short. Wires do not crumble

They also found bomb residue on the plane. A retired NTSB person said that it came off the boots of those recovering the plane. What bollocks.


  • The Navy shot it down and there was a cover up
  • The aircon units heated up the fuel in which case Boeing were at fault
  • The wires sparked the fuel in which case Boeing were again at fault

Either way, in my opinion, the NTSB is just a mouthpiece for the US aviation industry and the government to cover up cock ups.

When will people wake up to this or is the patriotism of the US public so obsessive and are they so gullible that they just believe anything that they are told?

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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