Garrett Philips, Verity Hender, Oril (Nick) Hillary and me

Garrett Philips was a ten year old boy who was murdered in October 2011.

After his mother’s testimony, the Police quickly zeroed in on Oril Hillary, an ex boy friend of Garrett’s mother. They had split, not due to animosity, but because he was black and she was white and in a close community, that caused issues so they decided, for the sake of the children, to separate.

But, solely due to the mother’s testimony, the Police, as I have said, decided that Oril Hillary was the only suspect.

I am sorry to say this in this day and age but he was sought after because he was black. The police, in this and every other country can deny it but it i true. I do not care what the US says, they are grossly racist. The white are rich and the blacks are very poor.

Compare this to the UK. Yes, there is still a bit of racism but everyone has an equal opportunity of making good. We are criticised for many things but we are a homogeneous society where everyone has the chance of a good break.

Sadly, this is so similar to my case when due to my daughter’s testimony, they zeroed in on me. Even before they had set their eyes on me, they had decided that I was guilty but, like Oril Hillary, I was not and both of us proved that

The trouble is that Police around the world cannot believe that a mother or a girl child could tell a lie so they centre on the men, Oril Hillary and me.

But both of us were totally innocent  

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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