Here we go again- another suspected cover up from Boeing – West Caribbean Airways Flight 708

I have just watched the documentary of the crash that killed everyone on board the MD80

The Venezuelan authorities didn’t trust the yanks and I don’t blame them so the flight boxes were sent to the BEA in France; good move.

But the flight data recorder recorded gibberish and all of the important parameter recordings of the flight were missing.

It then went to the NTSB (Surprise surprise) and they miraculously recovered all of the important data.

They then factored in gross overweight estimates to make the accident “fit”.

First of all, a Venezuelan investigator said that the pilots should have had the anti icing on for the entire flight and then, surprise surprise, they changed their minds, as it drew power from the engines

What concerns me is that no BEA investigators were interviewed, the people who had their hands on the recorders first and why despite all of the protestations of the Venezuelan government in the first place, did the recorders end up in the hands of the yanks.

The BEA has the same technical know how as the yanks and, if something could be recovered, it would have been

I suspect that there was a fault with the engines but it was the yank engine manufacturers who determined that on inspection after the accident, there was nothing wrong with them.

If the Venezuelans were suspicious of the yanks, which they were right to be, why did they not get the BEA in to help but, like so many other accidents, the NTSB forced their way in, even on the crash of Concorde because it had American tyres

So, yet again, it would seem that we have another cover up of the NTSB/Boeing/FAA and that they generated the data that would fit the story.

Of course, the pilots were blamed as well as the airline that subsequently collapsed but, of course, the latter was not American and so was fair game

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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