Reaction from the Police

I have recently discovered that Surrey Police has a new Chief Constable, Mr Gavin Stephens.

Given the lacklustre approach that the Police have taken over the last 4 years, quite frankly, I have no faith that even this new top dog is going to do anything different than the last, Mr Nick Ephgrave.

The difference is, of course, that my blog is visited by more people than ever before and that I am now going to take legal action against those officers who have either blocked me or stonewalled me.

That recent threat letter by DS Glenn Parker really says everything that anyone needs to know about the Police, in that:

  • They will protect their own
  • They will cover up their mistakes
  • They will never admit to their mistakes
  • They will never reopen a case where an innocent party was put through hell and whose life has been utterly wrecked by both false accusations and false arrests
  • They will NEVER understand that even though someone has been found to be innocent, the trauma that was caused, as a a result of the accusations and arrests are irreparable.
  • No one even says sorry for the false arrests, not the Police, no one
  • They will NEVER re-investigate a person who has made false accusations

With regard to my case, it is not as if they have to start from scratch; I have given everything to them on a plate. I have been working on this full time for the last 4 years and it has consumed me but I will never stop until I am completely exonerated and those people who have done me wrong are convicted.

I have gone well past the stage of trying to get my daughter back in my life. She is as culpable as the rest of them and should be punished accordingly

The Police will always justify their actions by saying that the accusations were very serious. Abuse certainly is but they had absolutely no evidence and I am not alone. Many innocent people have had their lives and careers ruined through false accusations but we/they are just a statistic.

But not everyone is treated the same. Celebrities are interviewed first but, for the man in the street, the Police come in with both “size nines”.

It should be clear to any intelligent person, if Mr Stevens is one of them, that there has been a cover up.

  1. Why did the DVD of the interview disappear?
  2. Why did they arrest me and then search my property without warrants?
  3. Why was the arresting officer’s name on the papers false?

Their answer to the second is that they “had reasonable expectation that a crime had been committed”

But you could say that about any illegal entry by the Police into someone’s home. No one is really safe, absolutely no one, if the Police “on a whisper” decide that you are guilty before any proper investigation is carried out.

Call the UK and every other country around the world a Police state and you are getting close to the answer.

The police are like a self fulfilling prophesy. They target mainly men; of course women could not possibly abuse children or commit any crime, for that matter, could they? The more men they arrest, the more brownie points they get and the more money they get. So you have yet more Police literally hungry to make an arrest.

Even in the so called customs programmes that I watch, they say it is “a good result” if they find drugs or other contraband. Wrong. A good result is if they fine none because then all of the customs agencies around the world are doing a damn good job

Sadly, there is a mindset in society that men are guilty and women are not. A classic example of this was a NZ programme with an ex pat British police man. He was following a car and said “I am going to pull him over” before he could even see the driver. It turned out to be a drunk woman.

Even the justice minister said that women’s prisons should be closed; talk about pandering to the crowd

They say that women commit less crimes. I do not believe that to be true. If the Police just target men and they get arrested, you will come to that incorrect conclusion. Even when my second wife pulled a 12 inch long kitchen knife on me, she called the Police and then put it away before they arrived. But when the Police came into the house, they came straight for me, a person who had done nothing, rather than go to her because a weepy woman had called the police.

Lesson 1 in any police course should be that women are very manipulative, great actors and are liars.

People who do not believe that either are in fairy tale land or were born under a rock


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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