Snapped -Susan and Dawn Walls

The word “snapped” suggests that the person could not take it anymore and did the deed, thus mitigating any crime that a woman may make against her husband and there were plenty of interviewees to enforce that, as well as that awful female narrator.

I have no idea if Susan Walls was abused but there is something called a door and she could have taken her daughters out through it. Even neighbours testified that if this was happening, they would take her in.

This excuse is used time after time in the case of the murder of a male partner. If my wife, who had pulled a 12 inch kitchen knife on me, after getting it out of a drawer, had used it and killed me, she would have used the defence of protecting herself even though we were 20 feet apart. She would have turned on the tears and she would have got away with it.

I am sorry but I just do not believe it. If someone has the will to kill someone else, they have the will to get in a car and drive off. If no car, go to the neighbours.

Susan Wills convinced two boys to kill her husband and further, her daughter gave them a credit card to buy the necessary items for the deed. That is not just snapping, even if it was true, that is PURE PREMEDITATION.

Of course, in the yank system and in this country, you can get a lesser sentence or even immunity if you give evidence against someone else. Dan Wells gave evidence against her mother but still got 21 years.

It is clear to me that the two women both planned it together and Dawn Wells should have got the same sentence as her mother.

But one of the boys, who had been conned, got a longer sentence than Dawn Wells. You could argue that he could have said no but, take it from me, women can be very manipulating and can easily brainwash anyone;

I was brainwashed.

Yes, the lads both got heavier sentences than Dawn Wells but should they really have got such harsh  sentences? I do not believe so. Both should have got the same or lesser sentences than Dawn Wells (if you apply the sentence that she actually got, not what she deserved)

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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  1. Your hate of women is so obvious to everyone but you that you really believe what you are saying. Obviously you have never had someone hunt you down everytime you try to leave . If you know so much about brainwashing maybe you should look into the ability of the abusers to brainwash the abused after years and years of continued emotional and physical harrasment till the abused really believes the abusers brainwash that they cannot leave because they are less than human . I lived with and experienced abuse as a child watching my mother become brainwashed by my father and threatened with certain death if she ever tried to leave, so yes I know why it’s not just a door they have to get out of. It’s the constant fear and also knowing she has to take everyone else with her, who is weaker than him, or they will become the target of his anger when she is gone. Even if she goes through that door he is right behind her and the law cannot protect her until he has killed or hurt her very badly or the children. Also what about the family you go bring your entire family to live with that he now constantly harrases to get them to ask you and all your children and grandchildren to leave. I am not even sure there is anybody who would just have a woman, her children, and grandchildren to just move in indefinitely, but once the abuser began circling their home they might have second thoughts. I have lived through all of this as a child and was only released when the abuser happen to go to jail. I was luckier then them. The way you talk so easily about his not that bad and just a door tells me you never lived it. Walk in my shoes for just a while and your understanding of abuse would change immensely!!!


    1. Dear Bill,
      I wanted to reply to you as soon as I saw your comments but, given the delicacy of the subject matter, I did not want to “shoot from the hip”.

      Let me try and respond as best as I can.

      I certainly am not a misogynist. From my late teens, I have devoted myself to caring for my partners, one of whom had terminal cancer and my late mother, who had Alzheimer’s. I spent so much time looking after both that my internet business suffered badly. I have also devoted my adult life to my daughter, Verity, from the moment that she was born and like any father, have sacrificed so much for her.

      I am not naive to believe that abuse does not happen. Most of the abuse that you see on the media is to do with females but it is so important for people to understand that boys are not immune from abuse. I know the long lasting effect that abuse can have on a child, such as yourself. Indeed, my second wife was abused by her father and I was accused of abuse by my daughter. The former was covered up by her Italian family and the latter was dismissed by the CPS and the police due to the overwhelming amount of evidence that was provided to dismiss the allegation. If you have the mind to, please look at my other posts, as my blog is littered with articles on the subject.

      Whilst I am not a misogynist, I no longer trust women; indeed, save for one or two people, I no longer trust men either. When you are accused of abuse by your only child, who you should trust implicitly, were financially stitched up by two ex wives, was told one thing by my female cousin, who then said the reverse to the family, have been subjected to attempted bribery by your own father and betrayed by so many close friends, it is easy to understand why I feel the way that I do.

      I am dreadfully sorry for what you have had to endure, as it has effectively changed your life forever, as it does for other victims of both sexes. Indeed, it affected my second wife very badly and, in particular, her interaction with me. I do not think that you ever get over such occurrences; you just learn to cope so that you can lead as normal life as possible, as hopefully you have done.

      All abusers, both men and women should, in my view, be locked up for life so that they no longer pose a danger to other vulnerable people.

      But my post was, in no way, trying to justify abuse. I despise it like any other normal and compassionate human being.

      It was also to do with the sentencing of all of the people involved. There is no point repeating what I said as I hope that I have articulated it clearly in my post.

      I am so sorry Bill for the upset that this post has caused you but you have taken it out of context with my whole blog, the majority of it relating to my daughter and my family and what they have done to me. I am now a very old 56 year old, with no family, no hope and absolutely nothing to look forward to; I have described my house as a prison without bars

      Although I have never been subjected to abuse myself, other than my wife pulling a 12 inch kitchen knife on me and the abuse that I have suffered at the hands of the police, I fully empathise with you and totally understand as to why you shot off that comment but I had no intention of dragging up all of the hurt that you suffered and continue to suffer. For that, you have my sincere apologies.

      With my best wishes



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