Before you get all excited, I am not going. I have sent a detailed email to him, his lackey John Marriott and just about everyone else involved in this sorry saga.

There is a mention of my father’s illness but not what it is. He has Alzheimer’s but before you jump down my throat, the unfavourable behaviour to me started long before he was diagnosed

This is his letter

letter from dad inviting me on 5th november REDACTED

and this is my reply

Your letter of 9th October 2019
This message was sent with High importance.
David Hender
Fri 11/10/2019 07:55
  • Bill Hender;
  •  John Marriott (Private);
  •  Clare Edwards (Paicolex);
  •  Martin Hender;
  •  Alison Hender;
  •  Ron Downhill
+4 others
Dear Dad,
I am writing to Marriott too, as my last email to you bounced back, suggesting that you have blocked me.
When I opened that letter, I actually laughed; that is how little store I place on what you say now.
If you do not know why I am angry, you have been living under a rock for the last 5 or so years and I suspect that you have an ulterior motive for me coming to your house.
Why am I angry? Let’s have a little recap shall we?
  1. do not trust you
  2. do not trust Marriott
  3. Marriott is the least independent person who I know; he is so far up your backside, I am surprised that you do not marry him
  4. This so called meeting is, I believe a set up, to get me unfairly arrested or illegally sectioned
  5. If you are so well, why did Martin ban his two daughters from being in the car if you were driving. That is not supposition as it came from the horse’s mouth, Pat, when I used to see her. She told me a great deal of what was going on
  6. The Harwyn shares – Marriott would swear that something is black when it is white, if you asked him to. You asked him to be an “independent” arbitrator of the share dispute. He towed your line and dismissed all of my claims. It was not until I sent you a ten point reasoning as to why the shares were mine that you were forced to return them. You would have lost in any court of law.
  7. You tried to bribe me to leave the country and get me out of the way and tried to convince me that the Harwyn shares were worthless
  8. You have paid vast amounts of money to Martin, when it is he who needs the money far less than me
  9. You have propped up his failing company with loans and then wrote them all back just before the takeover of Martin’s failed hobby project took place. In contrast, you demanded that I repay all of the small loans that you provided for my company
  10. You perjured yourself in my divorce trial, when you swore, UNDER OATH, that “I treat both my sons equally“. If that was the case, I would not be still on this rock
  11. The loans that I have personally were dismissed by the court as worthless and “soft”. That is why I was hit so badly
  12. You broke a verbal contract and breached a promise with Rosanna. Both you and her knew that all of my savings had been spent on Liesel, whether to rebuild the house to make it OUR home or to look after her. You entered into a verbal contract, sitting at the Long Barn kitchen table, WITH ME AS A WITNESS, stating that in the event of a divorce “the family would buy her a house for her and her boys“. You reneged on that contract and breached a promise. That left me to pick up the tab. The amount that I was forced to pay to Rosanna for her accommodation is equal to the TRUE amount that I owe the trust.
  13. On that point, you have convinced the trustees to agree to certain erroneous loans to be applied to my existing loan, which simply do not exist and unilaterally add them to my loan
  14. Those loans were not even part of the signeddated and executed loan agreement
  15. You told the trustees to deduct money from my dividend to start to repay the loan, when there was absolutely no mention of a repayment date in the loan agreement signed by ASC/The trustees and myself
  16. The trustees/trust officers are your mere glove puppets and will do whatever you ask
  17. You instructed the trustees to lend Martin money for Aquae Sullis with insufficient security. I complained to Lisa Mayhew, Managing Partner of BLP and that gave rise to Thomas Meier’s so called retirement but he is still acting as a consultant, through TEM Consulting, for Paicolex. I have had this confirmed, if you know where to look
  18. Extra dividends were paid to Martin over a two year period, amounting to gross £545,000You prepared the accounts and accounts do not lie, but you do.
  19. You may have conspired with Samantha and Verity to have me wrongly arrested
  20. You have ensured that a wedge has been driven between Verity and myself, probably at Samantha’s behest
  21. I am well aware how bad your driving is; I have experienced it. Those so called “services” of your car were to repair all of the dents and scratches that you have made
  22. I am aware that you have run over a cyclist and that the Police were calledYour niece told me all of that
  23. I was stuffed by the divorce courts and now I am being stuffed by you and the so called trustees; THAT IS A LAUGH
  24. I could go on and on
THAT is why I am angry. Some of that is to do with your illness, most of it is not. Your attitude to me changed dramatically after Mum diedEven though you have ensured that I endure suffering, I have empathised with you but that is like water off a duck’s back to you.
You have targeted me for absolutely no reason at all. It was me who looked after you and Mum when you were both ill. I even put myself in debt because you had gone into overdraft whilst you were at St Anthony’s. I acted as courier for you and, as a result, I lost precious business, which ultimately led to my company failing. I did look after you both out of love but you have just put two fingers up at me, haven’t you? Where was Martin, no f##ing where.
You will not be surprised when I tell you that I will not be attending that meeting on the 5th November; I have better things to do than waste money for what would probably be a very short meeting anyway. I have already spent a lot of money on that ill fated trip to Farnham in January 2016, when Verity asked to see me for supper, when I has supposedly abused her over a long period. Why would Verity ask me to come if I had done that to her? SHE WOULD NOT HAVE. Once bitten, twice shy.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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