In effect, a plea for help for my daughter and my father

This is quite a long post as it contains a long email to all relevant parties, including my daughter’s mother and her husband, who I cannot stand for obvious reasons. But I have set aside my animosity as it concerns my daughter and my father.

Whether anyone will act is anyone’s guess.

Verity and my father
This message was sent with High importance.
David Hender
Thu 10/10/2019 11:32
  • Clare Edwards (Paicolex);
  •  Lisa Mayhew Managing Partner Berwin Leighton;
  •  Ron Downhill;
  •  Gaby Kaiser
+6 others
Most of you are well aware that I have been trying to uncover the truth for nearly 4 years now. It has been a painful iterative process.
I consider this matter so important that I am writing to Verity’s mother and step father who, as you will appreciate, have held a great deal of animosity towards me.
I have already written to them but there is great doubt as to whether they take on board my conclusions.
I have not written to my father for a number of reasons:
  1. He is very unwell with Alzheimer’s
  2. He does not, at times, consider me to be his son
  3. I have been blocked
  4. He holds great animosity towards me, as BLP and Paicolex know only too well
  5. Anything that I say on the matter is completely dismissed by him without any consideration
I have tried to contact the Police but their response was one of complete disinterest and impotency. I have posted my email and their response on my blog.
Given the traits that have been exhibited by Samantha, which have been well documented and are well known to all of the family, I have concluded that Verity is a pathological liar and is a psychopath.
  1. She has exhibited absolutely no empathy towards me
  2. She published the false allegations on her blog 8 months after I was fully cleared by the Police and retold the story as though it was all still news and that I had been found guilty.
  3. If the blog has resided on UK servers, I would have had no qualms but to sue her for libel
  4. She knows very well the animosity between myself and my ex and has used that to fuel horrible allegations towards me
  5. She knows that my father is very ill and has used his illness to easily pursuade him to her way of thinking
  6. Pat told me that even during the investigation, Verity was posting details on her Facebook, of her attendance of parties. This was during the time that I was supposed to have been abusing and harming Verity
  7. On the “recovery holiday”, paid for by my father, she was seen, again on Facebook, being photographed in a pure white bikini, whilst laying on rocks. This was not the behaviour of someone who had supposedly been abused.
  8. It came to a point that I gave her three alternatives; (1) to tell me to “F” off and she would not hear or see me again (2) to tell everyone the truth or (3) to carry on as “normal”. She never replied and has not replied to a single one of my hundreds of emails
  9. Both her blog and that photograph have been taken down
  10. Her sexuality is up to her but she posted on her Facebook that she was in relationships with various young women, complete with photographs. Any reference to these has been deleted from her Facebook after I mentioned them in my blog
  11. Most of her therapy sessions, if not all, contained Verity accusing people of hitting and mistreating her, include Liesel, who cared for Verity when her mother went off the rails but this is not about Samantha, it is about Verity and no one else
  12. Verity has seen her mother get away with blue murder and so she wanted to do the same
  13. Verity is very intelligent but is also highly manipulative. She has manipulated me for most of our relationship
  14. Given the strong relationship with my late partner, you would have thought that a 9 year old would be very upset at her death; any death for that matter. At Liesel’s memorial and the wake that followed, she did not shed a single tear but spoke the narrative that everyone wanted to hear. I have this on DVD, which I commissioned so that friends who could not attend could watch the memorial service from afar.
  15. Verity has said many times that she loved her Nana. She did not shed a single tear when her beloved Nana died and even when visiting my mother in hospital, where she was faced with oxygen machines keeping my mother alive, she was not phased at all.
  16. She did shed tears when I phoned her from South Africa and said that she could not come for Christmas but she never shed any tears when Liesel died or at the service detailed in (14) above
  17. She has enjoyed setting her parents against each other and provided me with information on how her mother has misused the maintenance money paid to her mother, by me, for her welfare.
  18. Verity has had no concern as to the physical and mental effects that the false allegations have had on me
  19. I could go on

Verity has been well aware of the effect that those false allegations had on me. She has relished seeing me pouring my heart out on my blog and even when I begged her for help, she has done nothing whatsoever.

Due to the false allegations, my father wanted to punish me and he done so in a number of ways
  • By trying to bribe me to leave the country
  • By falsifying non existent loans
  • By forcing the trustees to engage in unilateral activity that has been financially detrimental to me
All of the above is well known to both BLP and the trustees. But neither party have
  • Insisted that he retires as UK representative of the trust because of his health
  • Never refused to facilitate my father’s demands as to my treatment
My father has hated me for a long time. Yes, he came to the divorce proceedings but he perjured himself. He stated, under oath, “that I always treat my sons equally“. That has not been the case for a very long time.
Not only that but he breached his verbal contract with my then fiance, Rosanna. She knew that I had spent all of my savings on rebuilding Long Barn for Liesel’s last year on this planet and that anything left over had been spent on ensuring that her last year of life was as profound as I could make it. If we divorced, I had nothing and Rosanna was concerned. My father sat opposite Rosanna, with me as a witness and stated “IN the event of you divorcing David, the family will step in and buy you an appropriate house for you and your three boys
During the divorce, he reneged on that contract and I was put even further in debt. The amount that I properly owe the trust equates to the amount that Rosanna was awarded for a home, £180,000; I had to pay her £45,000 of legal fees on top, all for one year of marriage.
Of course, Martin was and has always been the prodigal son and has been showered with money by our father, even though Martin has always been in a far better financial state than I have. Substantial monies have been withheld from me by my father, thus ensuring that this house on the Isle of Wight is a prison for me. He has effectively left me here to rot. Neither he nor Verity care as to whether I die as a result of the strain that has been put on me, through excessive drinking and smoking, even though my father’s very own sister has done the same for most of her life, without any complaint or concern from him.
Similarly, my family have done nothing to question the false accusations, preferring to hide behind a wall of silence and continue to benefit from my father’s very generous patronage.
This extends to my cousin, Pat, with whom I was very close. We used to correspond a great deal and Pat told me that if she fell out of favour with my father, she would be without a home. I discussed this with my father and suggested that he gave the house absolutely to her, on the condition that it was returned to “the family estate” on her death. He shouted at me and refused my suggestion, stating “No, I want to control her”. He even banned Pat from seeing me but we were such good friends, we met in secret at her home in Wales. It was there that she told me stories about what Verity was really up to and her continued outrageous partying behaviour, all during the time when I was supposed to have abused Verity.
Verity even asked me in January 2016, three months before my false arrest, to come over to see her at Frensham Heights and to take her out for dinner. As I had not seen her for months, I readily agreed and spent a great deal of money on the ferry and the hotel, in order to come and see her. Two hours before I was due to pick her up, I received a text saying simply ” I have gone home with Mum“. No apology, no reason, nothing. At this time, Verity was supposed to have been suffering from long term abuse so why did she invite me for dinner?
Although I have nothing to do with her, I have corresponded with Stuart Parkinson, Emily’s father to warn him. Verity and Emily were as thick as thieves and Emily may have picked up the same traits as Verity. I have great animosity towards Stuart but have set that aside for the benefit of his daughter.
Verity knows that my life here on the island is destroyed and because my house has been violated, as if a burglary had been committed, in order to start a new life, I need to move back to the mainland. Both she and my father know that but, as I have few funds behind me, I cannot do it myself; I need what is due to me to be paid but because my father has prevented that out of spite and animosity, I am literally stranded here.
The night after I posted my conclusions on what had actually happened, I had 3 hits very early in the morning, probably from Verity but by the end of the day, it had risen to 65. People were actually taking notice of what I was saying.
What to do now?
I can do nothing from here, especially as no member of my family or “extended family” will actually respond but it is my considered conclusion that Verity needs to be quickly assessed. If she has nothing to hide, then she has nothing to fear; people are assessed all of the time. But whoever assesses her will have to be fully appraised of Verity’s behaviour and her manipulative behaviour.
If any of the recipients of this email have any love or care for Verity, then they must act and act now before Verity’s behaviour spirals out of control and it will.
I never thought I would ever say this but I now know that it is highly unlikely that I will ever see my daughter again; that destroys me, as it would any parent. But if I know that Verity’s mental health is being addressed, then that will give me some comfort that she is being cared for.
I cared for my mother and father when they were both ill. I asked for nothing in return because I love my parents but to be treated so punitively means that all of the help that I alone gave to my father, has been thrown back in my face. Martin was never around; I had to deal with it all, on my own, letting my little internet business go to rack and ruin.
I even chose my mother’s coffin on my own
My father does not have social friends; they are all business associates of long standing and they have all prevented me from seeing my father and from seeing Verity. They have even ignored my passionate pleas to them, due to my father’s deteriorating illness.
He is even still allowed to drive as Martin (or Pat) does not want to upset his father as that may result in the withdrawal of funds, even though he banned his two daughters, Francesca and Iyshea from ever being in the car when he was driving. I got my father banned for a short while but that was rescinded.
I can do little about my father, without my family’s cooperation but I can do something about Verity. I can and will have her disbarred from the Law Society as I am sure that they would not want a pathological liar, in relation to my false allegations and a psychopath being a member or a student member. Maybe that will be the trigger for someone to actually do something about Verity.
I am sorry that this email is so long but there are some very important issues that need to be addressed; Verity first, then my father and then me.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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