Nature AND nurture – Verity’s psychopathy

I was laying in bed, trying to get to sleep, when memories of more than 20 years ago came flooding back.

I recall that Samantha and I went to a charity auction. Dad drove us there and back. We had a very alcohol fueled evening, so much so that I was bidding against myself for the lot that I was bidding for.

We went back to Sam’s flat in Woking. Why did she have a flat? Because she was obsessed with getting married in a specific church. Both Dad and I thought that she was mad spending all of that extra money in renting when she could have stayed in my house.

Once Dad had gone, the alcohol started to take effect on Sam. She ended up in the bathroom crying in a foetal position, saying “don’t let them put those wires on my head again David, please David promise me” In the morning, I discussed it with her but she just said that she could not remember.

But I know that she was a problem child and went to a special school; she showed it to me on the way back from Essex. When one gets drunk, one’s barriers come down and I believe that she was actually referring to ECT or electric convulsive therapy, which was commonly used in the old days to try and cure mental ills. Samantha rarely drank since then so as to not let her guard down. I do not think that her husband knows any of this

I carefully entitled this post as Nature AND nurture because I believe that Verity’s psychopathy has been inherited from her mother. Whether her husband will believe it or not, I do not know because he has been obsessed with Sam from the first time that he saw her, when Sam and I were still married.

Samantha’s psychopathy has, in turn, been inherited from her mother, Florence, who always wore the trousers. Before I met Sam, I was told that she had bought bigger house after bigger house and flied on Concorde, all paid for out of debt, with nothing for the rainy day that was to come.

Then the bubble burst, when Alan had a stroke so that he could not work. They moved to Holsworthy, a much cheaper part of the UK. I really liked Alan and it was mutual; he was the only person who I was comfortable with calling me Davey.

Sam insisted during the divorce that she had sole custody ( I wanted joint custody) and so Verity has been under her influence for many years. Whether it is nature or nurture but Verity now has the same psychopathic traits as her mother and grandmother.

What woman, who was in her right mind, would steal £1m from a company, putting the home that her daughter lived in at risk, resulting in them having to live with her second husband’s parents for 18 months?

And where did all of the money miraculously appear from to enable them to buy a house after this?#

During our divorce, Sam prepared her financial declaration which was a tissue of lies. She had no conscience then and she does not have one now.

Sam even gave away Verity’s favourite dog without warning her because she felt like it. Verity was heartbroken, forcing me to buy two cats for Verity, to be kept at my house. Sam has no conscience and neither does Verity

What woman would sleep around when her husband worshipped the ground that she stood on?

This is the obsessive and compulsive behaviour that Samantha has passed onto her daughter, which has caused the ruination of my life.

I have not seen any of them for a long time now and I wonder if those traits have been passed onto Verity’s half sister, Emily, but there is nothing that I can do about that.

Psychopathy is basically having no conscience in what you do and both Verity and her mother exhibit exactly the same traits but it seems to be much worse in Verity.

Years’ ago, my then second wife, Rosanna and I watched the DVD of Liesel’s memorial service. Liesel was like a second mother to Verity and they were very close.

But, during Verity’s eulogy, she did not cry once; she was only 9. Rosanna found that very strange.

She did not even cry when she was being filmed as part of the DVD at the wake; she said everything that people wanted to hear.

Compare that to my eulogy. I was 45 and I blubbered the whole way through it.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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