Marc Acklom

I have just watched an interesting documentary on the fraudster, Marc Acklom, with Martin Brunt. a Sky crime correspondent.

He flitted from one country to another, taking his second wife with him. He stayed with his wife in rented properties financed by his victims; they moved many times, sometimes at a moment’s notice to escape the law.

Yes, he is in prison but will be released at some point.

But something struck me about the documentary; nothing was really said about his wife, who clearly knew that he was a conman. Anyone with a single brain cell would have.

She knowingly enjoyed the proceeds of his many crimes but nothing, absolutely nothing was done to her.

Yes, he committed the crimes but she regularly enjoyed living off the proceeds of his crimes but she was never ever brought to account; why?


That state of affairs is truly disgusting and I am sure that she is living off the proceeds of his crimes. Remember that none of the money was ever recovered; it is probably sitting in a Swiss bank account and his second wife, Maria, is tapping into it.

Mind you, some of the victims were incredibly naive. A Swiss man was interviewed and he lost 400,000 (the currency was not specified but must have been Swiss Francs, Euros or pounds sterling). He NEVER met him and effectively gave over the money based on a phone call.

It does not matter how rich you are; you would never give that sort of money to someone that you had not even met, no one would. So, yes, he was a skilled conman but the naivety of some of his victims goes beyond the pale.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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