Is my daughter the ultimate con woman and a psychopath?

I sometimes wonder if my daughter is actually mentally healthy; she has certainly been through enough in her 21 years.

I will probably never know the truth abut what happened to me but there is one scenario that has not really been explored.

That scenario is that Verity has conned everyone, my father, her mother Samantha Parkinson et all.

Verity has always been obsessed with material things from quite an early age.

  • FACT: She knew that her mother had committed adultery, got divorced and take a huge chunk of money from me
  • FACT: She saw her mother embezzle Michael Jordan Caravans of an amount in excess of £1m and get away with it.
  • FACT: her mother used the embezzled money to buy and then convert an old people’s home in Linden Gardens, Leatherhead into a luxury home
  • Fact; When her mother was caught, she had to sell everything and moved in with her husband’s parents’ home in Woking for a period of 18 months
  • Fact; The builder, her Uncle Roy, told me that he could not understand where she had got the money from to rebuild the Linden Gardens home
  • Fact: She bought a Jaguar XJR, which she sold when she was caught
  • Fact: She bought me a dog, who I called Digby. He was later looked after by my parents, who paid the £400 back to her. Verity slept on the floor with him, in a sleeping bag, on the first few nights
  • Fact: She bought her brother a pick up and once caught, she stole it back and sold it. She even kept it at my house to hide it from her brother ( I had no idea of what she had done at the time)
  • FACT: she bought a house in the Isle of Wight
  • FACT: when she could not sell it after she was caught, my father lent her £450,000 to pay off Michael Jordan and thus escape prison
  • FACT: She saw her mother take maintenance off of me for Verity and used it to buy expensive clothes, shoes and handbags
  • FACT: She saw her mother get a job at Mercedes Benz, by falsifying her CV and pretending that she was “looking after her children” when she was working at Michael Jordan, so that no references would be sought. Samantha even confessed that to me, a matter which I later reported to Mercedes Benz but which was ignored
  • FACT: Her mother now lives in a big expensive house, driving big expensive Mercedes cars
  • FACT: They all holidayed in Dubai, paid for by stolen money

She has seen her mother get away with every infringement that she has ever undertaken.

So, has Verity thought; if Mum can do it, why cannot I?

FACT: So, she played a helpless little girl, abused and physically hurt by her father (when it was actually self harming, notified by me to her school, Manor House) and with her mother by her side, walked down to the Police station and reported me. She took advantage of her mother’s animosity towards me. My arrest and what followed is well known.

She knew that her grandfather, my father, doted on her and would feel sorry for her if she had been abused. He would literally throw money at her and pay for a holiday to recover from what happened.

FACT: But this recovery holiday involved her being stretched out on some rocks in a virgin white bikini, the picture taken by her mother. No one who had been abused would behave in that way.

Even, when I was seeing my cousin, Lori Cameron, she said that she continued to party, despite being supposedly abused at the same time.

FACT: When I exposed Verity, the picture was taken down from her Facebook account, as were the photos of her kissing other young women, with whom she was having a relationship with.

Verity had to ensure that her reputation and image were kept squeaky clean so as not to upset her granddad or her mother.

FACT: She has also banked on my love for her as a daughter for me to not do anything; she has been extremely calculating.

I remember when she and I were at Nepcote House, she said that she wanted an Alice in Wonderland tea party, which I thought was so strange given her age. She needed a special dress, which I foolishly agreed to. When I said that I would buy it for her, I heard her say “YES!” very quietly behind me. That should have been a warning sign but given that I was going through my second divorce, I did not pursue it. Verity calculated that too and knew that I was all over the place and would do nothing but to agree to whatever she wanted.

Even though the Police threw out the case because of the evidence that I provided, including Verity asking me to come to Farnham from the Isle of Wight to have dinner with her, whilst I was supposedly still abusing her and then cancelling it at the last minute, saying that she had gone home with her mother.

I bet that Verity had no intention of coming to that dinner and was always going home with her mother.

FACT: Even though the case was thrown out in August 2016, she still wrote a blog in April 2017, recounting the time that she went to talk to her mother and step father (my ex best friend and godfather to Verity) and writing about what both I and her step mother, my late partner and paediatric occupational therapist, Liesel, did to her. That blog has disappeared, just like the photos. A pattern is emerging

If this scenario is true, she has:

  • Duped her mother into believing that I am a sexual predator
  • Duped my father into believing the same
  • Duped all of my family
  • Ensured that my father, regardless of my innocence, would try and bribe me to leave the country and withhold roughly £2m from me, to punish me. Verity knew that my father was thinking irrationally as he has Alzheimer’s and she knew that she could manipulate him to do whatever she wanted
  • Ensured that she has been showered with money out of sympathy
  • Duped the Police into believing her story but who did nothing when it was proved to be false, relying on the fact that it is now a highly feminised society and that the Police would not be bothered to follow up, believing “how could a lovely little girl do that?” 

I believe that Verity is actually a con artist and a psychopath

That description is supported by the way that she treated her bedroom and the behaviour that she exhibited at Nepcote House.

  • FACT: Candle wax over every surface that could have led to a fire
  • FACT: Underwear strewn in the lounge, when she was just “watching television” with her boyfriend
  • FACT: Consistent lying to me of what her mother did and did not do. (Verity knew that I hated her mother and fed me just enough lies to ensure that I would have sympathy for her)

I even gave Verity three options:

  1. To tell me to f##k off and she would never hear from me again
  2. To tell the truth
  3. To let things go on as they were.


FACT: She chose option 3 and there has been absolute silence from her since even before the time that I was arrested.

If I had been guilty of such horrendous crimes, why would I spend the next 4 years protesting my innocence, even though the case was thrown out by the Police?


So, is Verity a psychopath? Highly likely

Verity slipped up though. My father had given money to Samantha to take her on a recovery holiday but Verity told my father that her mother was being paid for the time off by her company



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If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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