You cannot fly without a tail

What I am referring to is the crash that affected Queens, New York, shortly after the September 11th tragedy that brought down the “twin towers”.

This involved an Airbus when the tail fell off. If the tail had been welded rather by a few bolts or high tech glue then the tail would have not fallen off.

This does not just affect Airbus but Boeing as well, as crucial components, in my opinion, should be welded on. Then the component becomes part of the whole, just as in a car.

I have discussed this matter in my article “Rivets”

Both Airbus and Boeing, as well as other jet manufacturers, put cost before lives.

That is totally unacceptable

And of course, Airbus were not invited to view the accident; the NTSB took over again.

It is one rule for the yanks and one rule for everyone else

Of course, this crash involved a US airline. The simulator in which the pilots were trained was giving unreasonable scenarios and the pilots had to react accordingly.

Yet again, a fucking yank airline is let off the hook and they just changed the parameters of the simulator and changed the training.

Do you not see a pattern here? If you are reading this in the US, your obsessive patriotism will override any fault of the airline.

The NTSB and the US FAA will do everything and anything to save their precious and highly valuable airline industry.

That is the real purpose of Air Crash Investigation; to white wash over faults caused by Boeing and the related industry

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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