I had a snooze, as I have to these days and I woke up deciding that I have had enough of my daughter’s games. I have emailed to her to tell her exactly what I think of her


David’s REAL diatribe
David Hender
Sat 05/10/2019 16:07
  • Verity
The truth is that I wish I had died on that slab when I was 16. Yes, my darling mother would have been heartbroken and I would not have been able to love and help Liesel. Oh and you would never have fucking existed.
I have had a lot of pain in my life, a great deal of disappointments and the biggest disappointment has been you. Spurting all of that guff at Liesel’s memorial and then turning into the fucking monster that you are now. I cannot stop loving you and that is my burden for the rest of my life but you used that love for your own benefit, to get what you wanted. Alice tea party dresses, fluttering those eyelashes at me with your big eyes to get more out of me than we agreed; remember KIngston
You used to say that your mother took most of the maintenance for herself and her shoes and hand bags but you have been no different, taking a great deal out of me because you knew that being with me would make me happy and I would agree to anything
I have tried to understand you, empathise with you but you are no better than the rest of my fucking family; evil, selfish and only thinking about number 1. Shall I tell you what I saw in your mother; her legs, thats it. She is a criminal, a whore and a cheat and what you see in her, I cannot possibly fathom. Even on our first date, I let her stay at my home out of kindness, in the guest room but she came in and jumped me. She knew a good thing when she saw one.
You are a fucking whore too; I proved that by finding your underwear everywhere in that lounge of that money pit called Nepcote House. You have no regard for what you have had; you let wax be spilt everywhere in your room, clearly with your fucking candles that could have set the whole house burning. How irresponsible you were.
Have you changed? I doubt it very much. Setting one parent off against the other, saying the right thing to please the listener; that is the true you. A selfish person who sets up her very own fucking father for a fall to please that fucking father of mine and your bitch of a mother.
I begged you for your help; literally begged but you just sat there in your ivory tower with all of your lovely things around you and did fuck all because it didnt suit you
I bet that there is a strong possibility that you conned your mother and grandfather into believing that I did those horrid things to get more from both of them; a fancy holiday with a big pool, all to yourself for starters and oh lets not forget that virgin white bikini. Virgin?Thats a laugh . OH and the big sympathy vote.
And of course, the silence. The most cruel act of them all, reading that I was falling apart. Thanks to you, you would no longer recognise me and I dont even recognise myself anymore. I was a greeat businessman, at the top of his game, full of life and then that all came crashing down
I devoted my entire adult life to you and your mother and two years to my darling Liesel, the only good thing that has come out of my pathetic life. I let my business go into ruin for the sake of my mother; I never regret that. But I did it for my fucking father too who would not recognise a kind act if it was shoved up his arse.
And those crocodile tears on the stairs shouting out for your Liesy, all to gain sympathy and favour from me
You are a great actress. Conning a whole church load of people, conning me and conning both Liesel and your beloved Nana; I bet that was all, for sympathy too.
If I knew then what I knew now, I would not have gone to get that doctor and threaten to sue the hospital and let you die. There is nothing for it, you are a parasite, sucking all of the love out of people who truly loved you for presents, nice dresses and money, lots of money
THIS is my diatribe. 

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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