The new Dove girl campaign (reposted)

I am reposting this article as Dove persists on airing that ridiculous advert, which in the grand scheme of things is blatantly hypocritical and sexist. I am sure that the advertising agency that Dove uses pushes out plenty of female gender biased and sexual discriminatory adverts for other clients.

Sometimes, I am forced to watch “live” television, as I have not recorded something and the effect of that is that I have to endure the adverts too.

I watched an advert yesterday and I was absolutely godsmacked.

It was the worst female gender biased advert that I have ever come across.

There is a new campaign being peddled by Dove, the soap people. It is designed to get traction from the female community to see (and I quote)

“how women are portrayed in the media and in advertising”

My goodness; what planet are these people on?

Not only do we live in a highly feminised society but it is reflected in just about every advert.

  • Our screens are awash with adverts about beauty aids, perfumes, clothing and everything else to do with women
  • Even non gender specific adverts have actresses and female voice over artists crawling all over them; I have commented on this many times
  • Where there is a man in an advert, he is generally denigrated or made fun of; even if it is a meerkat!

What all of this advertising is designed to do is to get into our psyche and when that happens, it modifies people’s behaviour and attitudes. That is already reflected in divorce and the attitudes of the Police and the justice system to women compared to men.

Women have nothing to fear whatsoever. 

If anyone should be fearful, it is the male gender, as it is constantly being marginalised.

I really hope that this advert/campaign that Dove have thought up will backfire on them and both men and women who, until now, have been passive on the issue, will raise their arms in sheer disgust and will vote with their wallets

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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