Sea graves

I am chilling out a bit and with absolute crap on Sky, I am watching “Drain the ocean” followed by some Titanic episodes.

Out of respect for the dead seaman, we never raised any of the ships that were destroyed during the Great War or World War 2. They are war graves and should be kept as such.

But when it comes to Titanic, although many hundreds of people were lost in one single incident, society seems happy to pick at the remains of the ship as though it is a treasure trove and a number of people have made a great deal of money in salvaging bits of the great ship.

I am not innocent in this in that I have got a peace of the hull in a sealed wooden frame. Whether it is genuine, I do not know. This was before I became enlightened and the fog cleared from my brain, the fog of disinterest that nearly everyone has these days. But I make no excuses for myself. I am actually disgusted with myself for buying it.

It is still in bubble rap following the move in November 2015 and I have never had the desire to hang it. It will never now be hung.

But it is grossly hypocritical of people to want to respect the sea graves and to leave the men at rest, where they lay, but are happy to pick the goodies of the Titanic like a child in a sweety shop.

Of course, it all comes down to greed.

Finding it is one thing but then to rape it is another matter entirely, just for monetary gain, is a completely different kettle of fish.

1,570 people died compared to the average deaths on a battleship being 600

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