The NTSB’s involvement in just about every air crash

Call me a cynical person and you would be right.

The world is highly corrupt and the NTSB are allied with the American airline industry; that is quite clear to me.

Whenever there is an air crash involving an American plane, the NTSB investigators just jump on it and take it over, no matter which country the crash has happened in. They will also get involved if a component of the aircraft is American made, such as the tyres in the Air France Concorde Flight 4590 crash.

If it involves an American plane, the black boxes, which are actually orange, are whisked away to be “analysed” in Washington. Given their bias to all things American, what is it to say that the black boxes are not tampered with.

In once crash that I saw, the black boxes were actually sent to England for analysis to avoid bias.

There are plenty of laboratories around the world, who can analyse the data, that are not connected with either the airline or the airline manufacturer, so why not send them there?

Is everyone telling me that the Americans are free from bias? Of course they are not. 

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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