The death of Concorde

I am very passionate about Concorde. It was a plane that my mother nicknamed “Droopy snoop” as it flew over our house in Cheam, many years ago; she even knew when it would do that.

It is my belief that the Concorde crash of Air France flight 4590, was, in fact, industrial sabotage. I believe that it was all down to the American airline industry.

The Americans always like to be first in everything. But this time, a combined effort of the British and the French beat the Americans hands down.

The Americans believe that the airline industry is so important to them and creates so much money that they had to do something about Concorde.

Any clever engineer would easily identity the potential weakness in Concorde that actually affect every plane, even now and that is the fuel tanks.

I believe the Americans were well aware that due to its weight, Concorde had to have much larger tyres, which were kept at a very high pressure. If a tyre exploded, it would be like a bomb going off.

I believe the Americans were well aware of what could possibly cripple Concorde. If there was a major disaster, it would be all over for Concorde.

I believe that flight 4590 was actually the second and successful attempt at bringing Concorde down. The first was when a fuel tank was punctured but the aircraft returned safely to the airfield.

On Air France AF 4590, It was determined that the piece of metal that punctured the tyre actually came off a preceding DC10; it was an engine wear strip that was not actually needed for a safe flight. It “fell off” the DC10.

This leads me to my concern with the NTSBs involvement. Apparently, it was justified because the Americans made the special tyres. But, if you watch Air Crash Investigation, you will see that the American NTSB are involved in ANY air crash that involves an American built plane. Is every single component on an American built plane American; I doubt it very much.

In my humble opinion, the engine wear strip was supposed to fall off and intended to damage the Concorde’s tyre. If the Americans could down a Concorde, that would have been the start of the end for such a beautiful plane but, if it had not happened, I believe that an updated version would still be in service today and flying the flag for British and French cooperation. Of course, this was all before the successful Airbus collaboration, which is giving the Americans a run for their money.

When I saw the episode on Concorde before, it made my blood boil but I did not have my blog. But now I do and now I have the tools to expose what I believe, in my humble opinion, to be the truth.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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