Space Junk

We have ruined this lovely planet with all of our mess and now we are ruining space as well. So much of the micro meteorites and other junk are, as a result of us, the human race but mainly the Russians and the Americans.

When the International Space Station is to encounter some junk, it simply moves out of the way.

That is akin to throwing our rubbish over our next door neighbour’s fence. We want to ignore it, get away from it and forget it.

But, is it not our responsibility to deal with the mess that we have created? We are doing a very bad job on our own planet but that attitude is now being expanded into space as well.

With all of the billions of pounds that the space industry has created, it is encumbant on ourselves, to do as much as we can to rid space of all of this junk.

But, as the yanks have created most of it, they would rather just come up with avoidance tactics rather than to actually deal with the problem.

Of course, it would cost a great deal of money but if you have messed up a place, you clean it up. But they will not.

Because greed is good according to the yanks and they could not care a monkeys about what mess they make in the achievement of their money goal.

Just look at the thousands of aircraft that are sitting in the desert, slowly rotting away. Most of them could be recycled but the yanks would rather they just ruin part of their country by letting things rot and fall apart. That costs nothing

That is akin to digging a big hole, filling it with rubbish and covering it over so you cannot see it. Not seen, soonest forgotten.

Maybe in hundreds of years, there will be interplanetary travel but are we, as a race, just going to extract what we can to make the most money, whilst leaving behind a rubbish tip?

Have we not learned from what we are doing to this earth, our own planet, let alone anywhere else?

Clearly not 

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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