Toothpaste adverts and Sensodyne – blatant sex discrimination

If you watched toothpaste adverts on television, you would think that men never clean their teeth, which is crap of course and all dentists are women.

Sensodyne are the worst culprits.

Unless you were born under a rock, you would realise that all of these women on adverts is purely down to titillate as, for some reason, advertising agencies think that women sell more products than men.

What utter crap and I will tell you why. On Sky, there is something called the record button, which allows me to fast forward through the adverts, all of them.

If the adverts were more gender neutral, I would just let it run.

Even one of my fiances, Meia, would not let her daughter see the adverts

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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