Iron Man – what a joke

Flip; where do I start?

I was awake at 5.30 this morning so decided to get up and watch some television; I had recorded Iron Man because that was the best of the dross that was on last night.

First off; I made a mistake. I could have sworn that Gweneth Paltrow was a Brit but I checked the internet and apparently she is American. There you go; sometimes, we all can be wrong.

On the same actress, I noticed that she did not have a wedding ring on and you should know that this is a big thing with me, even though I have been divorced twice. When I was checking her nationality, I saw that she was married, when the film was made, to Chris Martin.

What is it about women and wedding rings? Do they consider that wearing a ring is a sign of ownership or is it the sisterhood influence? Do they say to the vicar or the person marrying them “no, we are not bothering with those“? Wedding rings are a  sign of mutual respect, a sign that you love your partner and that you are “off the market”. All of those statements apply to chaps just as much.

If I ever got married again, which I severely doubt, I would be suspicious of marrying a woman knowing that she was not going to wear a wedding ring permanently.

And why is it that all of the baddies have to be men, the backstabbing Jeff Bridges and all of the terrorists? It would be refreshing to see that some of the films have dishonest women in them but that will never happen because it is not in line with today’s feminist society.

As for Jeff Bridges awfully “bald” hairpiece, in one of the first scenes, there has to be a sense of reality.  You could see the join. I have known of many actors and actresses either severely cutting their hair or having it shaved for a part and for the sake of their craft. That is why they get paid so much money. But people are lazy these days; they cheat.

Let’s face it, CGI is cheating to save money and to make more of it.

Talking about a sense of reality, has anyone carried a car battery loosely under one arm? I am pretty strong and I have always had to carry them with two hands. Of course, we all know it was a fake but it would be good to see an actor act as though it was heavy; sloppy and lazy.

Most of the film could have been filmed in any country; how about Israel (their favourite ally) ? But, it was set in Afghanistan, which gave the film makers a good opportunity for more Muslim bashing. We all know that the yanks are mainly anti Muslim and pro Israel and this was just another opportunity to stick the knife in, with all of the terrorists implied to be of that faith.

Just about every country is guilty of colonisation of Muslim countries in the past but the yanks have made it an art form in the present, with Americanisation thrown into the pot. All to do with oil and making lots of money for the yanks. If the yanks had kept out of Libya and Iraq, those countries would not be in the mess that they are now. I don’t deny that those countries were run by despots, as was Syria, but the amount of innocent lives lost has been far far greater than when those dictators were in power.

And because of the West’s intervention, radical elements in those countries have got pissed off and rightly so; they wanted to protect themselves. Terrorism was not invented by the Muslims but was incubated by the West.

The West has given the terrorists, from the Muslim countries, every excuse to terrorise the West.

Why cannot the West leave these people alone? Let them have their own culture and respect it for what it is? Stop all of the weapons being sold to Israel. It is only because of the yank supply of weapons, has Israel always had the upper hand in the region.

What is happening in the region is genocide by stealth

But it will never stop. Why? Because of the need for greed and the desire for power and influence over those much weaker than ourselves.

We in the UK have been guilty of it in the past but we learned our lesson and our sphere of influence is a fraction of what it used to be.

No one else has learned the lesson, especially the Americans, the Israeli state and Russia.

For goodness sake, just be satisfied for what you have got…

And let there be no conflict in the world

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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