An email to the Police officer who grilled me once I had been arrested

I think that what will follow is self explanatory. Even if this email is ignored, it will certainly not be the end

Please read this if you have more than an ounce of conscience
his message was sent with High importance.
David Hender
Wed 04/09/2019 08:50
  • Hollie Say 40254 (Reigate Police);
  •  Verity
Dear DC Say,
You know that I have been fighting for the truth now for 3 1/2 years since I was arrested and for my daughter for 4 years, since she cut me off.
You do not have to admit it but you know that you were wrong in arresting me in the first place. You had no evidence, other than a young girl’s word. Indeed, I provided you with so much evidence to the contrary that, in association with the CPS and your sergeant, you had to drop the case.
You also know that it is no longer possible for me to complain to any authority but that is not what I am interested in now; I am only interested in helping Verity.
After 3 1/2 years of sleepless nights, I have worked out that Verity was being used as a patsy. She was manipulated by her mother and her grandfather, my father.
Over the time since I have been running my blog, with little information, I have been trying to work out what happened and why it was done.
I believe that I have now achieved that. It is clear that Verity’s mother, together with my very own father manipulated Verity into telling a lie.
Verity’s mother has wanted me out of Verity’s life for a long time now and it suited her to agree with my father.
This action was actually taken by my father, who has wanted me out of the way for years. Even before he got Alzheimer’s, he was planning to sideline me. I refer to my post
I know that money changed hands between my father and Verity’s mother; Pat, my cousin, aka Lori Cameron told me as much
When I went to see Pat, long ago in Wales, I sat her down and asked her “Do you believe that I abused Verity?”. She replied by saying that she would not have let me into her house if she thought that. I stayed with her a multiple of times. Just think about it. If you thought someone was a child abuser, would you let them into your flat or house? Of course, you would not; I would not.
Once I had a disagreement with Pat, she changed tack completely and said that I had abused Verity in my bed; this was completely at odds with what Verity told you when she was interviewed.
Pat is very loyal to my father, her “Uncle Will”. He significantly supported her when she was in Canada and when she wanted to move back to the UK, he bought her a house in Wales. She would do or say anything for him, even lie through her teeth, even though she professes to be highly religious.
As I have only recently come to the conclusion that Verity was a patsy, I have issued a personal and public apology to her, as some of the things that I have said on my blog are not what a father should say.
I do not know what Verity will now do. She may be so scared that she will damn me for the rest of my life or she may, as I have suggested to her, go to the Police.
Yes, this is an old case but it has destroyed two lives; mine and especially Verity’s.
I beg you to contact Verity if she does not contact you.
I despise paedophilia, especially as a father of a daughter and would go to any lengths to bring someone to justice, even if they were totally unconnected with me.
If this can ever be resolved, then finally, I may be at peace.
Even if you ignore this email, I will not rest until those people, who purposely ruined my life, have been held to account.
Thank you for your kind attention.
Kind regards

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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