It was a stitch up from the start

I have talked about how my father has always wanted to sideline me, long before he got Alzheimer’s

and why I was cut off from my daughter, like when shutters comes slamming down, without the opportunity to say goodbye

As such, I am empty and heartbroken but continue to fight to get my daughter back somehow in my life

I have readily admitted that I am very exhausted but ironically, exhaustion has its benefits, as I am forced to shut off from everything and to try and rest.

During these rest periods, my brain has time to process “stuff”, whether a short while or a long time ago

When Verity and I were due to meet up, at her request in November 2015, I was so excited; the inconvenience of travelling to the mainland did not matter a jot; I was finally going to see my Munch again.

During the whole trip to Farnham, which was close to Frensham Heights, her 6th form college, there was a beaming smile on the my face, I was so bloody happy.

I made sure that left very early, to take into account punctures and heavy traffic and so that I would be well rested for meeting Verity; I wanted to be on top form, as travel tires me these days, even if I was still excited to finally see her again.

Not long before I was due to leave to pick up Verity from the hotel, I received a text from her “I am going home with Mum“.

My life went from one of elation to utter sadness and disappointment but sadness and disappointment does not really describe how I felt; I was mortified and gutted and have been ever since.

I have always asked myself “what the fuck happened?” but have never got an answer, until now.

Verity said on her blog, a blog that has now vanished, that she did not tell her mother until 2016. This was actually written in April 2017, even though, by then, my innocence had been proved.

So, her mother did not know of the “accusation” prior to dragging Verity away from me.

There is only one conclusion.

That conclusion is that the whole thing was a stitch up from the word go and had been planned between by my father and her mother.

Verity was to be manipulated into saying that I had abused her and had caused her bodily harm and it would not have looked good if the Police then found out that Verity had asked to have dinner with me. It would have blown the accusations apart.

Clearly Verity had a chat with her mother beforehand and let slip that she was seeing me. I can imagine the horror in Samantha’s mind, with her shouting down the phone that she could not, under any circumstances, go out to dinner with me. She would have then instructed Verity to pack a case and she whisked Verity away from me before I was due to pick her up.

This was all part of a plan; to attempt to get me put away in prison. A plan hatched by my father and Verity’s mother, with all of my family coming on board, especially Pat aka Lori Cameron, who would do nearly ANYTHING for her Uncle Will.

But they all underestimated me

I gave so much evidence to the Police that they had no choice but to not charge me and to cancel my bail. They would not have had a hope in hell of finding me guilty and the CPS knew that.

Yes, I lost my daughter but she has been used as a pawn most of her life, by her mother against me, whether for money, special favours or whatever. Now, Verity was going to be used as a pawn, once again, to have me put away, for so long that I would not matter anymore.

Samantha Hender is a grand manipulator. After all

  • She manipulated me during our marriage but I fought back and she divorced me
  • After she had been caught embezzling, she was working for me and, one day, broke down in tears, saying that “I should prepare myself to look after Verity full time”. Samantha knew how I ticked and what did I do? I went to my father to beg him to bail her out as I could not bear taking Verity to a prison to see her mother
  • The constant battles over holidays was so that I would spend the least amount of time with Verity and therefore not create a strong bond
  • She manipulated the time when Liesel was dying by saying that it was unsafe for Verity to fly on her own, thus denying Verity the chance of saying goodbye to Liesel and denying me yet another Christmas with Verity
  • She manipulated her father’s illness by saying that this would be the last Christmas that Verity would have with him
  • She manipulated her grandfather’s illness by saying the same thing. On both occasions, I naturally gave in
  • I must have had a maximum of four Christmases with Verity over a 16 year period
  • And many more

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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