When you have no one to turn to

Everyone, who has read my posts, knows my situation.

It is quite clear that family and “extended” family have been conspiring against me and when, not even the impotent Police, are interested, who the hell do you turn to?

After every turn that I make, I am faced by yet another brick wall. Can you imagine how frustrating and heartbreaking that is for me?

Put yourself in my shoes

Even though it was my daughter who accused me in the first place, I am utterly convinced that she was used as a pawn.

The proof of that supposition speaks for itself:

  1. When Verity asked to see me when she was at Frensham Heights, her mother whisked her away and I never saw or heard from Verity again
  2. The false accusations of abuse and bodily harm were designed to put me away for long enough in prison so that I would not interfere with what my father and the rest of the family wanted to do, as I held power of attorney over my father, for when he was incapable of looking after himself. But that plan failed, as I proved my innocence.
  3. The family tried to have my power of attorney removed but, after speaking to the Office of the Public Guardian, any possible change to the powers of attorney would be notified to me first. I told the family that and that plan was also blocked.
  4. My father tried to bribe me to leave the country offering me a £250,000, for the same reasons as trying to get me put in prison but I refused to be bribed.
  5. I have had harassment threat after harassment threat by the Police, all initiated by Verity’s mother, to try to frighten me off but these also have failed, because not a single member of the blood or “extended” family ever asked me to desist from sending emails.
  6. The trust officers have been told to make my life hell, by deducting erroneous amounts from my income, related to so called loans that have not appeared on any signed and countersigned loan agreement. I have complained but, of course, my complaints have been ignored and so I have been forced to modify my expenditure; that could put my life in danger if I can no longer afford my medication, the cost of which is substantial.
  7. I have purposely been put under so much stress that my skin now looks like the lunar surface, as a result of a severe case of stress induced psoriasis. I therefore cannot sleep and rest properly, as I am constantly awoken with pains and intense itching all over my body; torso, arms and especially my legs. I am thus in a constant state of tiredness and find it very hard to function, even on the most basic level.


I had hoped that someone would help me and that person is my beloved daughter, Verity.

  • But, Verity has too much to lose by helping her father and by telling me the truth.
  • She continually refuses to help and continues to have a luxurious life whilst her Dad’s life, as a result of her false accusations, continues to be a sheer nightmare.
  • Verity has decided that luxury and money is far more important than her Dad, his welfare and his life, which at the moment, is more akin to that of a prisoner, who has been locked away for life.
  • She has ignored all of the sacrifices that I have made for her.
  • She has ignored the fact that I was involved in saving her very life at birth

But Verity is very shortsighted.

She has yet to realise that this whole debacle was designed to keep me away from my very ill Dad, so that I could arrange for him to be looked after properly and for me to prevent my Dad from driving, as a result of his Alzheimer’s.

What Verity has yet to realise is that it is only a matter of time before my father kills an innocent person on the road

That person’s blood will be on Verity’s hands, as well as many others.

Not only that but because the family and “extended” family are using my father because of his illness, they have no interest in his current and future welfare.

Unless something is done now, my father will end up in the cheapest possible dementia facility and none of them will ever visit him.

They will ignore the fact that it was my father who made them all very wealthy and kept a certain member of the extended family out of prison.

They have all used my father for their own ends but they do not care a damn about him.

EVEN IF SHE CANNOT BRING HERSELF TO SEE ME, SHE COULD STILL TELL ME THE TRUTH. NO ONE WOULD KNOW. I am not likely to “rat” on my daughter, the only person alive whom I love

Whoever is prepared to help me could use an untraceable “dummy” email account and just not sign off

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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