Chilli Oil

One of the many memorable experiences that Verity and I had together was when we used to go to Pizza Express in Dorking; they loved Verity to bits and I even arranged for a Pizza party to be held there. They made their pizzas, they were cooked and then they ate them; something different from the standard bouncy ball / gym parties.

It is sad that Samantha attended none of these parties; only the ones that I arranged at my old club

When Verity and I went on our own or with her Nana and Granddad, we had special times and I always loved a bit of chilli oil on my pizzas; I always loved a bit of spice, probably because I smoke.

I have missed my chilli oil and so I looked for some on Sainsbury’s. I found some, it was quite expensive but I really wanted it.

I always like saving money and doing my own thing; after all, I love to cook.

So, I bought a small bag of scotch bonnet chillis, cut them up and put them in a decanter that I bought off Amazon. I then poured in two litres of extra virgin olive oil and will just let it infuse for a while. I thought about using my mega hot Naga chillis but they are so  hot that they may have spoiled the subtle flavour.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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