There is an old phrase that quite succinctly sums up war

“it is better to jaw, jaw, jaw than war, war, war”

I would not classify myself as a pacifist but war has changed.

In World War 2, Hitler, mad as a hatter, was all about world domination whilst Japan started the Pacific War because of resources

Whether it be Libya or Iraq, it was all about oil and the falsehoods of the yanks perpetrated that. Oil was far more important than a few hundreds of thousands of innocent lives.

Yes, both countries were dictatorships and the men in charge were evil men but there has been a multiple of people who died compared to when those dictators were in power.

Just about everything comes down to greed.

Greed has destroyed many countries and is destroying this planet, on a micro and macro scale.

Mankind was a fluke of evolution and it was a wonderous thing.

But greed is not only destroying the very planet that we live on; it is also destroying families and communities, when houses are knocked down to build new ones for bigger profit and when money and greed take over a family and literally break it apart.

There are some good people but, on the whole, mankind does not deserve to exist. The planet should be wiped out of all greed and then let nature start again, without mankind.

Mankind has done more damage to this beautiful planet in a few hundred years than has been done over millennia.

What does that last statement say about “us”? We should all be ashamed of ourselves and we deserve to be wiped out as a species.

It will not happen overnight but we will destroy this planet earth of us, our home, long before the sun starts to fade.


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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