And then there is John Marriott

Marriott has been my father’s financial advisor for decades and will do anything that my father wants.  He will even say that black is white, if that is what my father decrees. He has also made a lot of money out of my father

Like everyone else, he got that same message, a plea to my father’s friends and associates to make it possible for me, or anyone else, to be able to prepare for what is to going to befall in my father in the future.

To his credit, he was the only one to reply but, to his great detriment, given the gravity of the situation and the need for urgent action, this is all he could say to me

Re: My father’s future
John Marriott <redacted>
Thu 08/08/2019 16:45
  • David Hender


I thank you for your e-mail, the content of which I have noted.
John Marriott
On Thu, Aug 8, 2019 at 5:46 AM David Hender <> wrote:
Please read the email below, which I sent to my friend and old therapist, Wendy Price, with whom I am sure that you are very familiar with.
You have shown unwavering loyalty to my Dad, whether it was right or not for you to do so; much of it to my great detriment.
If you truly are his friend and have his best interests at heart, you will consider what I have said to Wendy, very carefully.
If you dismiss what I have said out of hand, which you have regularly done in the past, you are no friend of my father’s.
Sometimes, a friend has to look beyond loyalty and actually has to consider what is best for his mutual friend, especially when that person is old, frail and quite unwell.
That is the most pathetic response that I have ever received from anyone; it shows that he does not care about my father and his response was no better than sending nothing at all
If you have an opinion on what his so called friends, confidants and business associates are doing, or rather not doing, I invite you to contact Marriott to tell him what you think about him.
His email address is: redacted
If I can find his home address and his phone number, I will add this too.
These people, including Marriott, believe that by shielding my father, they are actually protecting him but they are so misguided and the reverse is true because there will come a time that not even all of these toe rags will be able to look out for my father and he will be consigned to a care home that caters for dementia patients.
Their continued and unwavering BLINKERED loyalty to my father is going to be my father’s undoing.
More to the point, all of these people, who have such misguided loyalty to my father, will have my dear father’s fate in their hands and he will sadly end up rotting in an NHS care home.
In effect, they will have my father’s blood on their hands, the same person who has made them so much money in the past.

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