My fight against my family, my old company and the organisations who colluded with my father (part 4)

Those who coerced and manipulated my daughter to make those false abuse claims

I do not care what anyone says; if you coerce and manipulate anyone, even a young woman, you are guilty of abuse and are as guilty as a paedophile.

You may have not “touched her body” but you have touched her mind and have confused that person so much that he or she does not know which way to turn.


They have abused her so much that even though she knows damn well that I am innocent, Verity cannot bring herself to speak to me or see me, let alone email me.

Through their greed, they have destroyed the precious relationship between my Verity and I.

Will I see her again? I very much hope so and will keep on fighting. I have tried to stop out of sheer self preservation but the unbreakable bond between Verity and I just pulls me back; I cannot let her go, EVER.

Yes, I did tear into Verity many times. I was very angry and very frustrated but have realised that none of this was her fault.

I am quite sure that she feels guilty for doing what she did, despite being pushed into it. I would too if I was in her position.

But what is better for the both of us?

  • We either suffer as we are doing now, each of us with our own burdens or
  • We try and make amends. I have a lot to be sorry for too. Some of the things I have called her on this blog do not bear repeating. What Verity needs to understand is that we are both at fault and it will take time; it will not just be all hunky dory over night. I carry a great deal of guilt too, not just Verity

But, if we do not try, they have won; those who have used us or have wanted to do us harm for their own benefit

Not only have I called her horrid things, I have failed as a Dad. I have failed because I did not protect her from all of this. When Samantha refused joint custody, I should have gone to court and fight for my Verity.

If Verity had spent more time with me and less with her mother, her mother would not have been able to get her claws into Verity and use her as pawn against me.

That is why I have failed as a Dad and the burden of guilt is very heavy on me

Verity thinks that she carries all of the guilt; that could not be further from the truth

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